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Joal 555

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Our firm moved offices a couple of months ago so I am now in a different position in relation to other employees. On the other side of the wall is a 33 year old lady, not someone I fancy, but a really nice person who I get on well with. She doesn't sneeze that often and stifles when she does so I don't hear many.

She sneezed today though and I heard her from the other side of our internal wall. I sent her an email saying "bless you!" and she sent one back saying "thanks!"

It sounds like such a little thing but it gives me such pleasure (I have emailed others in this way before but it was the first time with this lady) so I just wanted to share it with you all


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Hearing sneezing through a wall is superb - gives you an idea of just how powerful the sneeze must have been in the first place! Cool that she took your attentions to her sneezing well :)

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