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two obs plus one scare


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okay, so i'm talking to this guy. he's really cute and funny. i'm pretty excited to go on a date with him. anyway, last night we talked on the phone for the first time after tons of texting. i'm so UPSET, because i was being dumb and totally distracted with the bread i was making. we were talking about whatever as i was mixing the dough, then when i got really distracted whisking and talking, i think i heard him sneeze. if so, it was a quiet (or maybe he just moved the phone away) hah'chhh'uh. i didn't say anything because i had a delayed realization, but a little bit later while i was washing a dish, i heard it again or at least i think i did. the water was running, so i couldn't be sure. then we were talking as i was putting the bread in the oven and i swear the minute i shut the oven, he sneezed again, but again i couldn't be sure since the oven clicking shut had interfered. GRR! if those were three sneezes, i am so lucky, because this conversation lasted all of 30 minutes. it sucked, though, because i like to bless people i'm attracted to, and because i didn't know whether or not he sneezed, i didn't want to bless him and it turn out not to have been a sneeze. even more frustrating is i don't know him well enough yet to ask him if he sneezed without sounding weird. i have to be pretty comfortable with somebody to not get uncomfortable when mentioning the topic of sneezing. ugh... but i think we're going on a date tonight, so fingers crossed.

next, i don't know if there's something in the air, but i have been feeling sick at times and fine at others. i don't think i'm getting sick as it has been coming and going, but this means lots of sneezy days and then a few day stretch of nothing. it's driving me crazy. i don't know what it could be. and now i have this cough, but i don't have a fever or feel sick in any other way, so ughhhh. anyways, i hate sneezing in front of people, so i avoid it at all costs. today i was at work doing shipment in the back and i had to sneeze, so i stifled a quick "hih'ngxt" and kept on working. the feeling came later, but my boss was in the back, so i didn't let myself sneeze. it was torture. then in my car, the urge came back and i sneezed twice, "hih'chish'oo. TSCHOO." coincidentally that made my throat feel better and i didn't have to cough for a while.

now for the freak-out. my mom and i have been watching criminal minds on my computer. usually i'm good about clearing my history or at least not leaving this site up, but this morning i had just woken up and i just wasn't thinking. i sat down next to my mom on the recliner, logged onto my computer account and lo and behold, this site was up, and she definitely saw it, and i panicked and could not close it for what felt like forever. UGH. she didn't say anything, and i just started talking about criminal minds, but i'm dying a little inside. this is terrible. i hope it never EVER comes up. i would just die.

anyway, that's all for now. man, i hope my cough medicine works before my date. i HATE discussing being sick with people i don't know (or even with some people i do know).

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