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Well, in a few days I will be leaving to go to Disney World with my school's music department (YEAH!) So we have been having morning orchestra practices for the past few days (I play the violin). And my stand partner is a guy I'll call G, who is maybe medium height for a guy (so... a little under 6'-ish) with brown hair and brown eyes, and he's about 16. He must have allergies or something because for the last 3 days, he has sneezed at least twice during practice. Today was especially great! He sneezed 3 times during one song! We were playing when I saw out of the corner of my eye that his bow suddenly stopped moving and hovered in place just above the strings. He turned to his side and sneezed a harsh sounding stifle into his elbow. "KXXXNT!" Then he sniffed and kept playing. This happened 2 more times during the song, so in a span of about 6 minutes! When we finished playing I surprised myself by turning to him with a smile and saying, "Bless you." He looked a little surprised but smiled back and said, "Oh, thanks." He's a nice guy and we're pretty good friends, so it wasn't too weird for me to bless him! The way he stifled was really cute too, and I'm not sure if it was because he always stifles or because he was trying to be quiet so as not to interrupt the song!

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