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First Self-Obs Ever (M)


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So I don't ordinarily bother with self-obs because I almost never sneeze more than twice, I almost never sneeze in general, and I really dislike the sound of my own sneeze (it has no hitching, just a sharp inhale and then "CHUH" or "Hetchuh", pronounced with an "uh" sound, it's super boring) But yesterday while I was packing...wtf. I didn't count, sadly, but I know there was a bare minimum of a dozen sneezes and probably just as many false starts as there were actual sneezes. It was ridic, I would sneeze, pause, sneeze, pause, get stuck, wait, sneeze, blow nose, and repeat. I was alternately stuck either sneezing or in pre-sneeze for at least 3 minutes (I did happen to look at the clock). At one point when one was stuck I even faked one just to try to coax it out, I was so tired of being stuck with the tickle, lol. Anyways, I have no idea what caused it, but it was definitely the most I've ever sneezed in a single setting. So it seemed worth sharing P:

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