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5th grade boy memory


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I remeberd this boy I'll call B and how he broke his knee. I was in thr very frint of the classroom and he was more in the front in a wheel chair. He had a cold or allergies I can't remember. Anyways I remeber that he sneezed a triple and after the third he had a white ooze coming from his nose. I already had nurturing compulsions and I got up with out permission and handed him some tissues. I was about to take them in my hand when my teach told me that it wasn't sanitary. Not wanting him to get up because of his injury I brought him the trash can . He thanked me and I sat down sure that I was blushing hard. I can't believe I was already into sneezeing care.

Just though you all would like to know that. ;)

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Haha i remeber when I was little I did the same kinda stuff :D really interesting thanks!

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