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this happened last tuesday night. I have tried three times to post this but there is something wrong with my home computer. anyways Tasha and I spent the evening hanging out at my place. she is allergic to cats and mine seems to like making her sneeze. during the evening she must have sneezed ten or fifteen times.

most of them sounded like a high pitched ha-tcheew but when munchkin (my cat) walked across her lap. he rubbed his tail right across her nose causing a loud explosive ha-tchoo. around 9:00 or 9:30 as I was walking her out to her car she turned to her left and stifled three hhh-himk sounding sneezes then triped on the ice and fell on her butt. she was'nt hurt though. --Aaron-- :tank

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too answer your question Jwags yes she has multiple allergies.

some of them are severe but others are'nt. the full list is as follows: cats(medium), ragweed(severe), pine trees (light to medium), mold (light), petunias (severe), dust (light to medium), smoke (any kind)(severe), grass ( light to medium) and at least one type of perfume(light to medium). valverissa she is sometimes with me when I visit the forum however be advised she does'nt have this fetish, is very embarrassed about her sneezing and believes sneezing in public is very rude so she probly won't make any wavs or want to talk about it much. for those of you who have talked with her she sends her best regards especially to Moonpie 628. for those of you who don't know her she is pretty short between 4'8" and 5'0", she's half Japanese-half caucasion (white), she's bi-sexual, 22 yrs old, she's a pacifist, her religion is shinto/bhuddist, she has brown almond shaped eyes and blonde hair (she colors her hair), she weighs between 145-150 pounds (estimate) loves poetry,italian cooking, nature (despite her allergies),playing the guitar (heavy metal), is vegitarian, speaks and writes both english and japanese fluently and really hates to be called Yuki (her first name) or teased about her ethnicity or being short, she has a black belt in Kenpo Karate. --Aaron-- :)

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alright! i love to hear my martial art mentioned! the Parker/Tracy systems of Kenpo my are my passion (well one of them :) )

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