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Burning Sinuses


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Allergy season is LAME!!!!! I can think of 5 million reasons why but the one thing that pisses me off most is how UNPREDICTABLE it is. Some days I feel fine with just a few sneezes here or there and other days I am a hot, sneezy, mess...Like today.

When i woke up, I had my usual morning sneeziness. Nothing to write home about. But later on I went out to have lunch with some friends at this pizza place that is outside in a park. It's really cool and the pizza is SOOOOOO good. Anyway, I'm starting to wonder if the pizza was worth my sinuses being set on fire. Shortly after we left the pizza place, my sinuses literally started BURNING! :innocent: Does anyone else ever have this problem?

My nose started getting runny and I couldn't stop sniffling, so I tried to blow my nose and see if that would make it feel any better. DID. NOT. HELP!!! I swear after that first nose blow I started sneezing like crazy. The first fit was about 6 sneezes. I blew my nose and had relief for about 10 minutes before I ended up sneezing again. As we were walking home my close friend, we'll call her A, just hands me a tissue and gives me a sympathetic smile.

Here it is HOURS later and I am completely exhausted because all I've been doing is sneezing and blowing my nose for damn near half the day.

Now watch, tomorrow, everything will be fine.

Seriously, allergy season sucks!!!! *Only when I'm the one that's suffering. I quite enjoy watching others suffer though. :)

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Guh... :) I mean... I'm sorry you're suffering, but wow, that was HOT! :innocent:

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You're right hun, you're very hot and very sneezy :( bless you sooo much and thanks for sharing your misery with us. I totally get what you mean with the burning sinuses - I get that from time to time and when i'm like that the sneezing is crazy. Loved your wav sooooooo hot!!!!!!!

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Nice obs, I know what you mean about burning sensation I've had it before its not nice but not from pizza from a allergy medicine I use to take. But thanks for sharing.

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