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Sneezing on my lap (f)


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Well, I don't normally have many amazing obs, but I thought this one was pretty nice. Thus, I post. :)

Okay, my friend M, is my beautiful geek soulmate. She's about 5 foot 6 inches, athletic, amazing curves, perfect face and fairly long, curly brown hair. She's pretty much stunning.

I was at her house a while ago for a sleepover (before going into school on saturday morning to do some serious long-neglected Art coursework), and we were just watching TV in the front room and relaxing. We were stuffed full of chinese food, so as I was lolling back on the sofa being generally bloated, she decided to lie down with her head in my lap. And then we spent the next 30 minutes arguing over whether the comedy she had forced me to watch was actually in any way funny. As you do.

After we calmed down a bit later on, she kept squirming around. I was about to ask her what was wrong, when she draw in a small breath and sneezed openly in the air in front of us and on my leg, her head forced back down onto my thighs. Her sneezes always sound the same, a standard feminine "Ha-chuh!" sound. Afterwards, I was trying to keep my cool, because WOW was that a nice surprise. :rofl:

We just continued to watch TV, not saying anything (as I cannot, and will not, bless people; it is almost a genuine phobia of mine. Bleh.) when she decides to do it again. 6 TIMES. With about a space of 10 seconds between each one, getting more and more desperate. And each time, her head went UP and DOWN in my lap. I'm really glad it was dark, because I'm sure I was bright red at this point. Especially seeing as her younger sister and dad were in the room. ;)

I don't enjoy the sneezes of my friends that much for whatever reason, but this experience was quite yum. So yeah. Hope you enjoy. :innocent:

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OM NOM NOM. Yeah those sound awesome. My favorite fits are the ones that drag out with ten seconds or so between each sneeze. The longer it lasts the better. :twisted: And what a great place for her to be too.

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This would pretty much be the best thing ever. A cute geeky girl sneezing with her head up and down in my lap? Yes please. You were very lucky. :twisted:

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Oh... that made me really jealous. I'd love for that to happen to me. :wallbash: Lovely read, thank you!!!

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:angry: LUCKY!

If that would have happened to me.... I think she would have noticed my reaction... lights on or off! LOL

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