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I induced my mother (F ) !!


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So my mother has a little accident on the kitchen and she wanted me for put an ointment on her face cause she has her skin a little irritated. She was laid on a sofa So I begin with the ointment and I saw that the "irritation zone" (i dont know how to spell it) reached her huge nose to. Knowing how sensitive her nose is to touching, I begin to make a little more pressure on the side of her long nose while applying the ointment. She sniffed, her large nostrils flared and said: "Be careful or I may sneeze ! " I keep slowly aplying the ointment and keeping the presure and the movements on her nose. Finally I set her into a build up. Her nostrils flared again, she made two hitching breaths and then, taking a big breath in, she did it:

AAAAATSSSCHHHHOOO. She let out one of her enoumous sneezes, jerking forward and spraying my hand. I was close to her so the sound was deafening for me. Then with a preesneeze expresion she sat down and let out another two gigantic HEEEAAACHOOSS bending over, lifting her legs and sending a great spray to the floor and the sofa in both of them. I bless her she blow her nose and I aply her the rest of th ointment (causin her to sneeze again the same way this time without intention).

Hope you like it :) !

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Wow, this obs works on so many levels it's hard to know where to begin, but let me just say amazing!

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jeje glad you liked it. believe me, its wonderful to live with such a powerful sneezer (i dont care if she is my mother). And now she has developed allergic rhinitis, so she use to wake me in the morning with sneezing fits sometimes :D

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She sniffed, and said: "Be careful or I may sneeze ! "

I wish I was there to witness this event. When she told to be careful or I may sneeze, you probably told her yes mom, but in your head you were saying "that's exactly what I want you to do." Masterful!

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I love the fact your mum has huge sneezes, but i couldnt handle that if it was my mum, your a better man than me!

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Jeez I love your post, Jack. I too had a mother with a large nose, big sneeze and a lovely honking blow. Though I could never tell it quite like you do.

Tell me, my friend...can you describe your recollection of her best head cold? Does she blow? Honk? Can you remember a particularly red nose at one point or another. Nasality? Would love to read of such things.


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