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A visit in Czech republic


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I spent 2 days in Cesky Krumlov in Bohemian Forest near the Austrian Border, together with my friend and a couple of Prague.

We just walked through a nice park and were about 50 meters away from a very modern open theatre with a rotatable stage. Under the ascending tribune for the audience there was a little café and at one table sat a group of 5 young men, all in the first half of her 20ies, dressed with shorts and T-Shirts.. I saw from the distance that one guy was blowing his nose very arduous and of course this took my attention. He was huge and slender with dark hairs and as I should seen a bit later from the near, quite attractive. He had just put his tissue away in his trousers (we were now about 30 m away from him) he started to sneeze, not only one or two, no- there were 5 quite violent unstifled wet sneezes. There were only short breaks about them, and it seemed for me the sneezes became more and more desperate as longer as this fit took. His mates laughed and joked about him. Meanwhile my friends decided to take the right (and more logical way around the tribune – they could see the seats), I couldn´t do anything else, I took he left way, behind the tribune, because I wanted to see him as near as possible. Unfortunately he just finished to sneeze, when I arrived, but I could see his red nose and that he suit sun-glasses, although it was cloudy more or less. So I think he suffered from allergies. The group stood up and went away in another direction. So I even noticed, that he grabbed his tissues again but I couldn’t hear his next blow, also because I had to meet my friends again.

In the evening in a small pub with very international audience. There was a guy, about 45 years old, mid-sized and bit stock, but with nice face, dark hairs and a cultivated full beard. What him made a bit uncongenial was the fact, that he spoke extreme loud with his wife /gf. (but so I noticed, he came from Austria or Bavaria) He went to the toilet and when he came back walking through the room, I noticed, that he had just has blown his nose, in a red napkin or maybe handkerchief, I´m not sure. He just was short before his table when he started to sneeze, very, very loud. From the first sneeze I was surprised a bit, but the next I tried to see as good as it was possible for me, because he sat more or less sideways behind me, so I must do efforts, to follow the conversation at our table and not to become to ostentatious. He sat down and I saw, it was not the end. After a few seconds he sneezed again, direct into the direction of his partner but covered the nose and mouth with both hands. A moment later, he went back his head, inhaled loud and made “hhhaaa”- with cute face – then “tschieeee..”, again covered his face as good as possible. Latest now the conversation at all tables stopped for a second. Seemed that of most of the people were wondering that he sneezed so loud. (But nobody told “bless you” or something like this.) It followed a forth sneeze in the same pattern, but then it seemed to be away. He blew his nose again with this red napkin (or hanky) and though I expected a loud honk I wondered, that his blow was the only thing at him what was not very loud, more soft.

It could be, but Im not sure, that the sneezes were a bit forced by alcohol.

Hope, it was not to long…

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There's something wonderful about the sneezes that come AFTER somebody blows their nose. They're so unexpected, so wrong, so GOOD :( Thanks for posting this, Hajo. Sounds like you had a fun trip!

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What good luck with the visit! Good that you saw a decent hayfever attack. For some reason there don't seem to be so many of them this season.

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