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Sunburn + cold = Most terrible thing ever o.O


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Usually I don't post self-obs because I'm way too embarassed o.O

But I thought you might be interested.

Well, I went out camping with a few friends for a couple of days,

we had a lot of fun and didn't get a lot of sleep.

Anyway, the weather was horrible!

It was awfully hot when we were climbing or wandering,

and at night it was raining cats and dogs and the temperature was dropping gradually.

I was freezing my ass off, but I didn't think I would get sick because of that :D Man, I was so wrong.

When I got home yesterday I was just feeling tired and my face and my shoulders hurt because

I managed to get a freaking sunburn.

But when I woke up this morning I felt just horrible!

My nose was all stuffed up and I couldn't even breathe properly.

And every time I tried to blow my nose it hurt like hell because it was already sore from the sun.

It's a really terrible mix, I hope sunburn and cold disappear as fast as they came.

For those who are interested in the sneezy part, I usually try to hold my sneezes back because I'm embarassed about them.

A couple of sneezes escaped me anyway :bleh: All I can say is that it hurt like hell.

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There is a song about this predicament. It's called Sunburn vs. Rhinovirus by The Matches. A Youtube video can be found here:

I do hope you feel better! Maybe the song will help?

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