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Gerard and his boa


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Frank sat by the fire, sipping his coffee. Gerard was late home from work, and Frank was impatient. Of course it wasn't Gerard's fault. The club where he worked was open all night, and Gerard's shift only ended at midnight. Frank was about to nod off when he heard the door creak open.

"Frankie?" Gerard shut the door behind him and took off his jacket, revealing a glittery low cut cocktail dress. He wore fishnet stockings and black stiletto heels. Around his neck was a pink feather boa.

"Finally," Frank said. Before he could get up to greet him though, Gerard put up his hand.

"No, stay there," he insisted, heels clicking against the hardwood floor as he made his way over to Frank.

He knew if it weren't for him, Frankie would have probably gone to bed by now, but instead, being the most adorable husband in the world, he had waited up for him. Gerard thought that maybe he deserved a treat. He tried his best to be sexy as he worked his best strut, moving his hips and flipping his bright red hair. He stopped right in front of Frank and removed the boa from around his neck. He passed it around behind Frank's neck, and hauled it closer, pulling Frank's face to his for a kiss. The boa was well used and the feathers tickled their skin, little pieces of fluff detaching and flying around them. Gerard noticed when Frank tensed up suddenly, and pulled back from their kiss to look at him questioningly.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked.

But Frank didn't reply. His eyes had fluttered shut and he looked like he was having some kind of internal struggle with himself.

"Frank, what's wrong?" Gerard demanded.

Frank opened his eyes to reassure Gerard.

"I just...your boa...ahh...ahh..." his breath was hitching, and Gerard finally understood.

"Oh." He bit his lip as he waited for it. He had never told Frank, but he had always had an interest for sneezes. A "thing" for them, you might say.

Frank groaned and rubbed the side of his nose with his index finger.

"It...ehh... won't come," he growled.

Gerard chuckled.

"Need help?" he asked, slowly sliding the boa under his nose, teasing him.

Frank sniffled.

"Ugh... you're making it worse. ehh... ah... now it just... itches really bad and ahh... is still stuck," he complained, twitching his nostrils to try and irritate them. Nothing helped.

"You'll thank me when it feels even better in the end," Gerard assured him, a mischievious grin on his face. He plucked a long pink feather from his beloved accessory and lifted it to Frank's nose, poking it carefully into his nostril and twirling it slowly.

"Gee...stop it," Frank's nose was twitching of its own accord now. He reached up automatically to rub at his nose, but that caused nothing but trouble. As he pressed a finger to the side of his nose, Gerard had tried to pull the feather out, and it had gotten broken on the way by the force of Frank's index. The feathers tickled so bad.

He gasped and turned his head sideways, not wanted to sneeze on Gerard.

"fuu...issHOO.itcHOO. Ugh... hih... HITCHOO" His eyes were watering and he turned to Gerard accusingly.

"Your fu-- ITCHOO! Your feather is stuck in muh...uhh.. UHH..." he whipped his head to the side and fanned his face with his hands frantically. "UHH...TCHOO! TChtch! CHHttt!" He managed to stifle the last two.

Gerard watched with utter fascination. Frank's cheeks were hot and flushed, and his nose was becoming increasingly red. He was absolutely adorable. Gerard's dress was fitting awkwardly now, from the waist down as he watched sneeze after sneeze explode from his husband. When he came to his senses, he quickly grabbed the jacket he had strewn over a chair when he came in, and handed it to Frank, who burried his face in it.

"heh...shht! shht! ISHTT!" he gasped once his spell had died down. Fortunately, the feather had finally come out, and Frank sniffed, grateful for the clean air.

"Damn," Gerard muttered, taking the jacket back and leaning down to kiss Frank.

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!! Wow, this was... uh... heh... :twisted:

I really really liked it. :wub: The crossdressing made it especially sexy.

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