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Self-obs/Intro (m)


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This is both a quick introduction (hi) and a self-obs. For those of you who are interested, I have short, spiky, brown hair, a runner's body, strong jawline, and a rounded nose. Basically, I look like a hipster but without the flannel.

Anyways, this morning I woke up with my cat on my face. This would be cute if it didn't cause a morning sneeze almost without fail. I immediately felt a tickle in the back of my nose, so I sat up and stared out the window while I let the tickle develop. After some face scrunching/nostril flaring, I let out a strong wet single. Ha-eshoo. Or at least I thought it was a single. Immediately after, however, I inhaled and Ha-eshoo-woo. Double. I almost exclusively sneeze singles, so the "woo" was one of pure shock. It probably sounded pretty dorky--I'm glad no one was around--but it felt amazing. If my life was a video game, there would have been a bubble that said "achievement unlocked." :D

I hope this is an alright introduction. I'm looking forward to contributing.

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Nice obs hun and I like how you sat up and looked out of the window to coax it out and a double - score! Bless you and welcome!

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This is a great way to start your morning, a surprise double sneeze! Thanks for sharing, I hope the kitty returns to sleep on your face some more.

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Thanks all for the welcome. <_< Considering that my cat is a punk, I imagine that there will be a few more morning sneezing obs. For example, this morning I woke up to a very stubborn tickle. This prompted some head bobbing (I don't wave my hands, but apparently I bob my head in a "let's get on with this" sort of way) and a sneeze that probably woke my neighbors. I think I either need to move my cat or my tissue box.

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Hoo, very nice. Very nice, indeed. :drool: I do so like cat-caused sneezes :twisted:

Thanks a lot for sharing, and welcome to the forum! I'm looking forward to your contributing as well :D

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:twisted: hehe :laugh: welcome to the forum :innocent: and thanks so much for sharing! bless you and hope you have fun here. I especially liked when you said that If your life was a video game, there would have been a bubble that said "achievement unlocked."

that made me laugh. and I do love cat caused sneezes don't know why but I do, lol. so thanks again for sharing. :D

:blink: Zane :D

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