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This happened a few days ago while I was mowing my lawn. As usual, the mower threw tons of tiny bits of grass and dandelion fluff up into the air. Normally, before I’m done, my shirt and arms are covered in the stuff. Everything was going as usual, until about half way through, when I started to notice a little tickle in my nose. I sniffed to see if that would help but, if anything, it made it get stronger. My nose started to get runny. Then, for no apparent reason, the tickle suddenly got a whole lot more intense, and I felt an extremely powerful urge to sneeze. I quickly stopped pushing the mower. Then… AAISHHHOOOO!!! Air and a spray of droplets blasted out of my uncovered nose and mouth as my sneeze tried to expel the irritant. But the tickle was still there, so I started to sneeze again almost immediately. AAISHHHOOOO!!!! An even bigger blast of air and droplets burst out of my nose and mouth. This sneeze must have gotten rid of whatever was in my nose, because afterwards I didn’t feel the tickle anymore. Then, I wiped off my wet nose on my sleeve, restarted the mower, and finished the lawn, with no more sneezes.

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