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Dusty Dancing


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Title: Dusty Dancing

Fandom: Another Cinderella Story

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the rights to this movie, and never ever will.


I just watched the movie Another Cinderella Story, and there is a particular scene which has screamed FETISH OPPORTUNITY!!!! at me both times I’ve seen it! :) I couldn’t believe how the writers GAVE Joey Parker a duster for an extended period of time (during which it stays VERY close to his face!) and then absolutely nothing happened!! :) lol sooo I decided to do something about that myself, and this little oneshot was born. :laugh:

In case y’all were wondering, Mary is played by the amazing Selena Gomez and Joey Parker by the awesome Drew Seeley ( http://ginarosmalia.wordpress.com/2011/06/...nderella-story/ , second two pictures :lol: ). This fic takes place during this sequence

where Joey is helping Mary clean the house and teaching her dance moves while they’re at it. :rolleyes:

Hope you like!! :cryhappy:

Mary Santiago was not unaccustomed to cleaning; not by any means. In fact, she had probably scrubbed, dusted, vacuumed, or mopped every square inch of Dominique’s house at one point or another. But there was one thing that was new to her, one thing that she had never once experienced before: the fact that cleaning and fun could ever exist in the same context.

Yet here she was, smiling and giggling like crazy as she washed the windows, shined the shoes, dusted the furniture – and it was all because of him. The one and only Joey Parker... was HELPING her with all of Dominique’s insane chores!! Not only that, but he was teaching her all his favorite dance moves as they worked. Mary couldn't remember the last time she’d enjoyed herself this much; Joey was famous, true, but he had such a sweet, unassuming nature. He was one of the only people she knew that she could actually truly be herself around.

She laughed as he tossed a yellow rag back to her with his signature flourish. She couldn't help but think about how wonderful he looked when he smiled. When he smiled at her.

“You’re good,” he asserted, leaning on the table that was between them. “You are good, but I think we need to work on your technique just a little bit.”

“Okay,” she responded, giving him a look. He raised his eyebrows. “Just... you need to loosen up a little bit more,” she said, shaking her head and moving to grab the dusting mitt. He followed her, amused, and picked up a fuzzy duster. Using it like a baton, he danced up to her and posed.

“Like that? No.” She smirked and demonstrated her own little move, bobbing her mitt up and down in a waving motion. Joey promptly cocked his head and imitated the mini-routine, waving his duster-baton like she did. They both practiced it, dancing in perfect synchronization. Joey finished his dance by bowing to Mary, motioning with the hand that held the baton as he did so.

As his bow brought him a little too close for comfort, Mary playfully pushed him away. He stumbled backward, grinning, and the white fluff of the duster brushed his face.

“Better,” she acknowledged mock-grudgingly, nodding her head.

Joey pretended to be offended. “Better?” he repeated, spreading his arms out wide in protest. “Now wait just a –” he paused, a funny look crossing his face – “hold on –” his eyes fluttered shut, and he pitched forward, sneezing loudly into the back of his wrist. H’ESSCHH! He straightened back up with a snapping motion. “Whoo,” he commented, sniffing. “Excuse me.” He rubbed his nose. “Now what was that about being b –” he stopped, eying her. “What?”

Mary was laughing gleefully at him. “Aww, is the little pop star allergic to work?” she teased him, grinning obnoxiously and tossing him a polishing rag to do the table with.

Joey caught the rag with his free hand and shot her a miffed look. “First of all,” he began, gesturing dramatically at her with the hand that held the duster, “I am NOT a little pop star!” He tried his best to not break out grinning at her silly giggling. “And s-sec –” his blue eyes start to water – “s-second –” his handsome nose twitched, and he sneezed again. Hu’ETSSHH!

He exhaled, and looked at her. “Secondly, I am not allergic to work.” He gave her his trademark half-grin.

Mary leaned her elbows on the table. “You could’ve fooled me,” she countered impishly, scrubbing at the table with her dust mitt.

Joey shook his head, smiling. “Naaah,” he said dismissively, blinking rapidly and resisting the urge to sniffle. “Must be all the dust.” He rubbed his nose again, vigorously.

Mary dipped her head coyly, and twirled around the table until she was behind him. She pulled the duster out of his hand and spun out until she was beside him, then thrust her hand out with flair, smacking him in the face with the duster.

“Hey!!” he complained with a grin, recoiling in an attempt to avoid the fuzzy thing. She drew it slowly across his face as she completed her dance move, and Joey’s face contorted. “W-Wha –” So brazenly assaulted by the tickly dust, his nostrils quivered and his breath hitched dramatically. “Heh... hehhh...” His strong singer’s lungs filled with air, and his nose got its way. HuETSSH!! He doubled over from the force of the sneeze, and another one followed on the heels of the first. HutSSCHOO!! And another. HutCCSHH! HA’gnxxt! Joey pinched his nose shut to stop the fourth explosion, then took a deep breath. “Well. That was fun,” he said dryly... and somewhat breathlessly. “I just remembered why you don’t use dusters for props...”

Meanwhile, Mary was in gales of laughter. “Easy there, Joey!” she remarked, giggling ridiculously. “Don’t hurt yourself.”

Joey rolled his eyes and put on his best soulful gaze. “The concern is deeply appreciated, my dear,” he mock-crooned, leaning in. She tickled his face with the duster to get him to back off. “Hey –!” he vocalized, then his expression turned sneezy and he gasped, burying his face in his elbow to avoid spraying her. HuTCHOO!! “Ugh.” He sniffed several times, crushing his nose into his fist.

As Mary giggled, she found herself thinking how Joey Parker even made sneezing look hot. His utterly helpless expression that preceded them gave her a deliciously warm feeling in the pit of her stomach, and the way his nose crinkled when he sneezed was absolutely adorable.

Joey glanced at her as she twirled the duster baton-style, and shook his head. “Give me that,” he said, grabbing for the duster. She tried to keep it out of his reach, but he took it from her. Following her example, he spun behind her to her other side and tickled her small nose with the dusty, fluffy fabric.

Still laughing, Mary tried to protest “Hey! No fair!!” but the tiny cloud of dust had its intended effect, and her nose began to itch tremendously. She pulled the duster from him and tossed it onto the couch, but the tickly sensation overpowered her anyway and she sneezed, catching it with one hand just in time. Ahh-tCHIEW!! This did nothing to stop her giggling, however, and as she pushed Joey away again he grinned.

“Why are you laughing?” he demanded teasingly. “You’re supposed to be angry!” He smirked mischievously, waving his red rag in yet another arm style movement.

She smiled, tossing her dust mitt aside and striking a pose. “Oh, I am,” she assured him, also teasing. “Very, very angry.” At this, they both burst out laughing, and continued to work.

As the two of them resumed their cleaning, dancing routine, a secret thought brought another quiet smile to Mary’s lips.

Her crush on Joey Parker? It was still very much there. In fact, it had never left... But the difference now?

He, if his words and behavior had any indication, liked her right back.

Aaaand that's it! Comments welcome! :)

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That was...... AHHHHHHH! :cryhappy: I love it! thank you so much for writing it! :) "Aww, is the little pop star allergic to work?” :) I loved that line! haha and I was thinking the same thing when I saw the movie first time I saw it I hoped he would sneeze cause of the duster. but sadly no. but this makes up for it! :rolleyes:

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I loved that movie, and thought they also missed a great sneezy opportunity! :cryhappy: Thanks for writing this, sooooo adorable!! I think you captured both of them very well, and this whole scenario was just perfect!! Drew Seeley and Selena Gomez, so friggin' cute! :rolleyes:

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Thank you so much!!! :D I'm glad you liked it! :laugh:

(I'm also rather happy to find out that I'm not the only fetishist who thought that when I watched it lol! :wub: )

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