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Mental Block?


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Ever since I told my boyfriend about this fetish, he can't sneeze naturally in front of me. The feeling completely escapes him. :laugh: It's a little frustrating on my part, but hey, at least he makes up by inducing for me. :twisted:

He's even photic! Alone, he'll sneeze almost immediately when hit by a particularly bright source of sunlight. With me? Nope. Not even close. :)

I'm pretty sure this is common, right? :bleh:

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My husband went through the same thing after I first told him. We jokinngly called it "stage fright." :) And he is also photic, and for several months, he couldn't even do that in front of me, it always went away. It was frustrating, I'm not gonna lie, but eventually, his mental block faded away, and I can happily say he is able to sneeze freely around me again. So, I think it is normal for some people to go through the mental block, and there is hope that he'll grow out of it. :twisted:

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