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I almost got caught...Sort of...

Ali Marie

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I'm writing a novel based upon the events in my life & I guess it was a bad idea to leave my laptop out where my roommates can see it... :bleh: Mainly because I have written numerous times about my Co-Star suffering from allergies. My roommate asked, "What've you been writing?" I tried to quickly change the subject but before I could my roomate said, "About the show? Or about your life? It looks like a bit of both!" :twisted: Now, I'm not sure if she saw anything containing the context of my Fetish but that was the base for page I'd been writing...

I'm SO mortified!!! :)

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:) At least there's a chance she didn't see it, and she didn't ask about anything pertaining to the fetish. I think your secret is safe still, but I know the feeling of thinking you have been exposed is just awful.

Hopefully, she didn't notice.

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