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Family Time (Glee, F/F Faberry futurefic, also co-starring Kurt & Blaine!)


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Family Time

A Faberry future!fic

Synposis: so I got the idea for this fic from the series I recently started writing at fanfiction.net; it's called "Summer Interlude: Snapshots," and it's basically just that—a series of little snapshots from the life of Quinn & Rachel, post high school. So this is an SFF version of one of those! (As always, please feel free to visit me on fanfiction.net, but use discretion in your comments there—I do prefer to keep those stories and these completely separate, which is why I use a different name here. At fanfiction.net, I'm "JewWitch").

Anyway, in this story, Quinn & Rachel are 29, and have a three-year-old daughter named Zoe, who Quinn carried. Rachel's off filming a movie on location in LA, and Quinn & little Zoe are home in NYC, not feeling very good sadsmiley.gif Rachel, as always, reacts appropriately…


"Mommmmyyyyyyyy!" Quinn jolted awake in the semi-darkness of early daybreak, not needing the glowing clock face to tell her it was no more than five in the morning. Her daughter's congested wailing pulled her out of bed in a semi-trance, half-asleep as she stumbled down the hall toward the source of her child's cries. Quinn had noticed her little girl's sniffling and coughing the night before (along with her own, which she steadfastly ignored); but Zoe hated taking cold medicine as much as Quinn did, so she'd decided to let it slide and see how they felt in the morning. She was regretting that choice now, as she entered the bedroom decorated with planets and stars and rocketships, where her three-year-old was sitting up in bed, crying miserably and pressing a hand against her ear.

"It huwts," Zoe bawled when Quinn crawled into her bed, gathering the little girl's overheated body into her arms. "Mommy make it stop," the child commanded, hiccupping as she pressed her tear-streaked face and runny nose into Quinn's pajama top.

"Shh, baby, Mommy's here," Quinn murmured, cupping one hand protectively to the back of her baby's head and rocking her gently, trying to calm her before anything else. Zoe whimpered, clutching the fabric of Quinn's pajamas tightly in her little fist.

"Mommy, it huwts," Zoe whined again, one hand still clutching her ear.

"I know it hurts, little bug. You just need a little medicine to make you feel all better…come on my love, let's go back to the big bed and we'll get you a nice hot compress, and then we'll call the doctor, right?" Quinn scooped her little girl up into her arms, trying to ignore the congested throbbing her in head and the raw, scratchy feeling her in throat in favor of tending to her child's needs.

"Yeah. Doctor Cheng give us lollypops, then I'm all better," Zoe sniffed, rubbing her eyes dazedly as her crying slowed. But when Quinn stood up with Zoe in her arms, the child shrieked "Appa!" at the top of her lungs, reaching back toward the bed for her stuffed animal.

"Sorry, baby," Quinn murmured, too exhausted to reprimand her daughter for screaming in her ear, though it caused a nasty throb in her pounding sinuses. "Appa's coming too…" She grabbed the ratty old stuffed monster that Rachel gave her back in high school off her daughter's bed, and Zoe clutched it lovingly, pressing her hot little face into Quinn's neck as they made the short trip down the hall to the master bedroom.

"Okay, here we go sweetie…nice and comfy in the big bed," Quinn murmured, absently rubbing her forehead as a raspy cough gripped her body, doubling her over helplessly. She turned automatically away from her daughter, covering her cough with her hands, though she knew they both had the same germs anyway. "Oohhh…sorry baby," the blonde girl sighed woozily, rubbing her throat. "Now let's get you some nice medicine for your ear, okay honey?"

"Gwapey medicine," Zoe requested sleepily, already nestled into Quinn's pillow, though she still had one hand pressed to her ear.

"The grape medicine won't work on your ear, sweetie. We need the cherry medicine this time, okay?" Quinn tried to smile as she came back from the bathroom with the children's cold medicine that was not Zoe's favorite; but it was the one with the extra-strength children's Advil that would bring her fever down, and the maximum strength decongestant that would hopefully help un-clog her ear. The grape medicine she actually liked was an expectorant, which was completely useless in this case as she didn't have a cough.

"No cherry," Zoe whined, pressing her little face sullenly into her stuffed animal. "Gwape, Mommy."

"Honey, the grape isn't gonna make you feel better," Quinn sighed, sitting down on the bed and pouring out a dose of the cherry cold medicine into the little measuring cup. "C'mon, open up…" Zoe whined and stuck her little lip out in a pout, her expression a perfect imitation of Quinn's own when she didn't want to do something.

"Mommy first," the three-year-old grumbled, absently rubbing her nose with her eyes trained on Quinn, who was rubbing her own pink nose on the back of her wrist, too.

"Mommy doesn't need any, honey."

"Yuh-huh! Mommy sick too. We both sick together," Zoe insisted sleepily, with a little yawn that seemed to cause her pain, as she slapped her hand back to her ear and began crying again. "Owwww…"

"Okay Zo, I'll take it first, see?" Quinn gave in and, figuring she might as well get a grown-up sized dose, poured out a double-shot of the children's medicine and gulped it down. "Yum, tastes good," she joked weakly, with a little wink for her crying child. Zoe hiccupped and looked up at her with an impatient, sardonic expression of disbelief that was pure Rachel.

"Tricky Mommy," she grumbled, shaking her head as if to say, your sarcasm leaves much to be desired, but I love you anyway. Possibly, it was the combined effects of five am, a head full of streaming congestion, and the stress of managing her sick child without her wife that made Quinn hallucinate a Rachel-like response to lighten the moment. Either way, the little girl accepted her dose of medicine once she'd seen Quinn brave it; then Quinn got up and made a hot compress with a washcloth and gently pressed it against Zoe's painful ear, hoping to keep the child calm while she called the doctor to get what they really needed—a prescription for some antibiotics to be called in to their neighborhood's 24-hour pharmacy. Quinn closed her eyes and paused to thank the universe for letting her live in Manhattan, where one could actually expect the neighborhood pharmacy to stay open all night, and send a delivery boy to your door, so single mothers (even if they're just temporarily sort of single mothers) didn't have to drag their sick children out of the house in the middle of the night just to pick up their prescriptions.

Once the antibiotics were ordered, Quinn crawled back into bed beside her daughter and curled up next to her, checking to see that the compress was still warm, cuddling and kissing her whimpering child. "Okay little bug, we've got some extra-special medicine on the way that's gonna make you feel a lot better. Do you…*sniff!*…wanna stay here with me in the big bed, and get some more rest while we wait for it?" Quinn sniffled sharply, once again attending to her child's needs before her own as she grabbed a tissue from the box and pinched it around Zoe's streaming nose, gently commanding her to blow. The little girl sleepily complied, and Quinn praised her, trying to be as gentle as possible with her wiping so Zoe's little nose wouldn't get too sore.

"Stay here with you," Zoe agreed woozily, rubbing her eyes and cuddling up closer to Quinn. "Sing, Mommy."

"Aw, honey, I don't know if I can right now," Quinn sighed despondently, finally taking a tissue for herself and pinching it around her clogged nose for a long, wet blow. "Ugh," she sighed wearily, feeling how swollen and irritated her own nasal passages were becoming as she rubbed the damp tissue absently under her dripping nostrils. "Maybe we can…*sniff!*…listen to Mama sing on the…huhhh…the st-stereo…? Hehh-tshiiew!" Quinn shivered as the sharply insistent sneeze gripped her body, doubling her over with a damp tissue clamped over her nose and mouth to protect Zoe from the spray.

"Bless you Mommy," the little girl said dutifully, her sleepy hazel eyes tracking her mother's miserable expression.

"Tha…thadk you baby…hht-chhiew!! *Sniff, sniffle*…" Quinn cupped both hands over the wadded tissue as her little cold-filled nostrils spasmed again, sending a thick spray of moisture into her palms. "Ughh," she sighed wearily behind her hands.

"We're both sick," Zoe observed again as Quinn pulled a fresh tissue from the box and blew her nose, producing a deep, liquid sound.

"Yeah, we are," Quinn agreed sleepily, curling up against the pillow beside her daughter with the damp tissue still clutched absently in her hand. "Lots of snuggles to make us feel better, right?"

"Mama come home now," Zoe murmured. "Mama make us all better." She sniffled and rubbed her tired eyes, leaning her head into Quinn's chest with a sigh.

"Oh, honey…" Quinn swallowed back a completely irrational sob, as the thought of Rachel walking through the door at that moment seized her imagination, followed by a sharp pang of sadness at the knowledge that it was impossible. "Mama can't come home right now, she's far away in California making a movie, remember? But we'll call her in a few hours and do phone kisses, right?"

"Noooooo," Zoe whined, dissolving into tears again. "Mama home now…sing to us…" The little girl pressed her face into her mother's chest, sobbing pitifully, and Quinn rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head, trying to soothe her before she got herself worked up again.

"We can listen to Mama sing on the stereo, honey—would you like that?"

"Noooooo," Zoe wailed, her little voice muffled against the soft flannel of Quinn's pajama top. "Real sing!" Despite her misery and exhaustion, Quinn smiled at her daughter's demand; even at the age of three, Zoe appreciated the difference between listening to a recording of her other mother singing, versus actually having her sing to her, whether in person or over the phone if necessary. Quinn certainly understood the power of having Rachel Berry sing just to you, and she couldn't exactly argue the point with her sick and cranky child, no matter the fact that it was now around 2:30 in the morning on the west coast.

"Okay baby, shall we call Mama right now so she can sing to you?"

"Call Mama," Zoe agreed, whimpering as her sobs quieted. "Call Mama sing to us."

"Okay little bug, we're calling Mama," Quinn agreed, hoping as she dialed the bedside phone that Rachel wouldn't overreact too much to this. The little starlet had always been the more overprotective parent, and long before that, she'd displayed an utterly endearing willingness to put her life on hold if ever Quinn wasn't feeling well. But this was different—she was under SAG contract, three thousand miles away, for another month—and it wasn't as if they were dying, anyway. Quinn didn't want to be the one to make Rachel lose her focus on the job…but she did, if she was honest with herself, really want to hear her wife's voice right now.

"What's wrong?" Rachel mumbled sleepily as soon as she picked up.

"Mama," Zoe sighed, the happiness obvious in her voice as she curled up half on top of Quinn to get closer to the speakerphone.

"Hey little star, sorry to wake you up in the middle of the night like this," Quinn yawned, feeling her own heart lighten just at the sound of her wife's sleepy voice. "Don't panic, everything's okay…"

"You wouldn't be calling me in the middle of the night if everything was okay," Rachel pointed out, already sounding more awake. Quinn could just see her going into red-alert mode, probably already turning on the lights and going to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. "What is it, what's wrong?" Before Quinn could answer, Zoe gasped and gave an impressively loud Haachooo! into Quinn's shirt, expelling a thick glob of snot onto the fabric and leaving more dribbling down her upper lip.

"We're sigck," the child announced unnecessarily, as Quinn grabbed a tissue and mopped up the mess. "Will you sidg sobethidg for us?"

"Oh, my poor babies…you're both not feeling good, huh?" Rachel crooned through the phone, and Quinn swore she could feel the ghost of her wife's touch on her forehead, offering love and comfort from 3,000 miles away.

"Yeah, both of us," Zoe agreed, already sounding more relaxed now that she was hearing Rachel's voice and had her full attention. "I has an ouchy ear, an' Mommy's too stuffed up to sing. Mama sing for us?"

"Of course I'll sing for you, my sweet girls," Rachel murmured soothingly; and she immediately went into "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music, one of Zoe's favorites. Then without pausing, she transitioned smoothly into "Pure Imagination" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, another of the little girl's bedtime favorites; and on and on for another fifteen minutes without pause, by which point Zoe was fast asleep, and Quinn was well on her way. Finally, the blonde girl yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"Rach? You cad stop dow. She's asleep. *Sniffle.*"

"Poor baby, you sound awful, too," Rachel sighed sympathetically, listening as Quinn blew her dripping nose into a fresh tissue. "I wish I could cuddle you both right now…"

"Yeah, me too," Quinn sighed, smiling sleepily as she stroked her daughter's wavy hair on the pillow beside her. "But it's really okay, Rach, it's just a nasty cold. Zoe's got an ear infection too, poor thing, but we've got the antibiotics already on the way. She'll feel a…a…*sniff!*…a lot better tomorrow," Quinn finished, pressing a finger up hard against the underside of her flaring nostrils to hold back the sneeze that was welling up.

"And what about you, my poor little angel? You're too stuffed up to sing, huh?" Quinn opened her mouth to answer, even as she felt the poorly suppressed sneeze welling up again, making her lungs constrict and her damp nostrils flare ticklishly.

"Hahhchoo! Heh-ishhiew!!" Quinn cupped a tissue loosely to her face, too weak to manage even the half-stifle that would've made her sound a little less sick to her worried wife. As it was, the last sneeze left her with a dull ache in her chest, and she whimpered softly before blowing her nose into the damp tissue. "Egscuse be," she sniffled woozily.

"Aww, honey! God bless you. I'm getting a little worried, Quinn, you really do sound terrible. Maybe I should pull rank and demand a few days off, so I can fly home and take care of my girls."

"Rach, no," Quinn sighed, closing her eyes as she rubbed absently under her stuffy pink nose with a fresh tissue. "I don't want you to do that, okay? We've just got a cold, we're not dying. You need to stay where you are and get this film done on budget…you don't wanna get a reputation for being the kind of actress who causes financial problems on set for no good reason."

"No good reason! My family is sick, and I'm 3,000 miles away having my ass kissed by a bunch of Hollywood dipshits. How is that not a good reason?" Quinn chuckled sleepily, closing her eyes with a soft yawn.

"Listen, I'll call you in a few hours, okay?" the blonde girl sighed woozily. "I'm just gonna go back to sleep for a while…we'll be okay…just needed to hear your voice."

"Okay, angel. I'm calling Kurt and Blaine to come check on you, too. They need the practice if they're serious about adopting a baby, anyway, so no excuses for turning them away."

"'Kay," Quinn giggled sleepily, rubbing her eyes and sniffling absently. "But, later. Gonna sleep now…"

"Sweet dreams, my sunshine," Rachel cooed. "Give the little noodle another hug and a kiss for me when she wakes up."

"Mm. Love you."

"Love you too," Rachel murmured; and Quinn knew, even in her barely-awake daze, that Rachel would wait for her to hang up the phone first.

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Oh my GOD the Klaine mention made me freak out. I would be the happiest person in the world if Kurt and Blaine came by to take care of Quinn and Zoe :drool: Quinn and Zoe are ADORABLE, btw, this was great (: nicely done.

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Awww CUTENESS!!!!! :):wub::wub: I love how little Zoe is all "It huuuwwwts!!" :laugh: To flippin cute how they both want Rach to be there! And yay uncles Kurt and Blaine!!! Please continue with the cuteness!

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Hey everybody,

thanks for the great feedback-- it's lovely to be appreciated! :twisted: Here's another chapter co-starring Blaine & Kurt. Note that I will not be responsible for your dental bills from sweetness overload!



Family Time

Chapter 2







"Hi," Kurt smiled brightly at the imposing-looking doorman at the front desk of Quinn & Rachel's apartment building.

"Good morning, sir," the man replied crisply, standing at almost military-style attention. Kurt wilted slightly under his coolly intimidating stare, and glanced back at Blaine, who shrugged and nudged him forward.

"Um, yes, well. I'm a close friend of Rachel Berry's, and she asked me to come pick up her emergency key here at the front desk. I can give you the password."

"Very good, sir. You'll have to provide the password in writing and sign the log." Kurt smiled his most wholesome, all-american boy smile as he filled in the paperwork and slipped the doorman a $10 tip for good measure. Once they had the keys, Kurt and Blaine slipped past the early morning lobby traffic of joggers and executives to get to the elevators, letting themselves into their friends' spacious penthouse apartment that was, for the moment, completely quiet.

"They're probably still sleeping," Blaine shrugged, dropping his bag of groceries and drug store goodies on the kitchen table.

"I'll go check on them. You unpack, and maybe get started on that magic soup of yours," Kurt winked, kissing his husband lightly on the lips before padding down the hall to find Quinn and Zoe, curled up together in the large bed in the master suite, fast asleep. Zoe had one hand curled unconsciously into the fabric of Quinn's pajama top, her little face mashed into her stuffed animal, her breath softly whistling with congestion. Kurt felt a pang of sympathy, which deepened when he saw the fever flush in both their faces, and their matching, delicate pink noses. Aside from her wavy auburn hair, little Zoe was a carbon copy of Quinn, and Kurt couldn't help thinking how adorable they looked curled up together like this, fast asleep, sharing a cold. He quietly pulled out his iPhone and snapped a picture, sending it to Rachel with the note taking care of your girls :drool:

After a moment, Kurt snapped out of his reverie and quietly pulled a tissue from the box beside Quinn's pillow, gently wiping a thin trickle of snot from Zoe's upper lip. He knew from experience that the child was a heavy sleeper, so he was surprised when her hazel eyes blinked open and looked up at him woozily. "G'bordig, Udcah Kuwt," she murmured softly, smiling sleepily up at him despite the obvious discomfort of her cold. Quinn whimpered and shifted slightly under the covers, but didn't wake up.

"Hey noodle," Kurt whispered, smiling down at his honorary niece and stroking a lock of sleep-mussed hair back from her face. "Do you wanna come snuggle on the couch with me while Uncle Blaine makes us breakfast?"

"We're sigck," Zoe explained woozily, rubbing her little nose with a soft snuffle as a fresh bead of moisture began to trickle down her lip.

"I know, hon," Kurt murmured, trying to keep his voice low so as not to wake Quinn. "Mama sent me and Uncle Blaine to help you and Mommy feel better. Shall we let her sleep a little longer, noodle?" Like both her moms, Zoe was stubborn and headstrong; and Kurt had noticed from the very beginning that the little girl was more likely to be agreeable if she was given a choice rather than an order. So, he tried phrasing things he wanted as questions rather than statements, a tactic he hoped would someday work as well on his own child as it did on Zoe, who nodded up at him drowsily.

"Uh-huh. Sleep lodhger. She's sigck. *Sniff!*" The little girl held out her arms trustingly, and Kurt scooped her up, along with the grungy old stuffed animal he knew she wouldn't want to be separated from right now, and cuddled her snugly against his chest. Zoe sighed and put her head down on his shoulder, and Kurt noticed her little body beginning to shiver once she'd been pulled from the warmth of the bed covers.

"Let's get you a blanket to keep you nice and toasty, would that be good?" he asked gently, no longer whispering once they were out in the hallway.

"Yeah. Wocket ship bwadkedt," Zoe sniffled thickly, her voice so congested that Kurt wasn't at all surprised to feel her breathing hitch a moment later, as he ducked into her bedroom in search of tissues. "Huhh...ahh...hahhchoo! Ah, ahhh...achhiew!! *Sniffle.*" Kurt was grateful he'd thought to bring some spare clothes when he felt a warm blast of snot against the front of his shirt, where the child was resting her head.

"Goodness, bless you little bug! You've got a big cold, huh?"

"Uh-huh," Zoe sighed in forlorn agreement, hugging her stuffed monster as Kurt set her down on her own bed and wrapped her favorite rocketship blanket snugly around her, before tugging a tissue from the box on the bedside table, and wiping it once under her running nose. Then he folded it over and pinched it gently around the raw pink underside of her nostrils, urging her to blow, until the gurgling sound subsided.

"There we go, that's better, right?"

"Yeah. My nose all drippy, then I go achoo," Zoe observed drowsily, still seeming half-asleep. Kurt figured it was the fever keeping her woozy, and made a mental note to check her temperature and offer her something to drink as soon as they made it to the living room.

"Mm, I bet that's not very comfortable," he agreed with a little smile, wiping the thick spray off the front of his shirt with the wadded tissue as Zoe sniffled again and wiped her nose on the back of her hand. "Here, sweetie, you hold onto this," he instructed, passing her a fresh tissue. "You can wipe your nose when it's drippy, and cover up your sneezes so your germs don't go flying, okay?"

"'Kay," Zoe nodded, blinking sleepily. Then she slumped against him, and he picked her back up, blanket and all, and carried her out to the living room, where they could see Blaine through the arched half-wall that lead to the kitchen.

"What Unca Bwaine cooking?" the little girl asked drowsily, her head resting on Kurt's shoulder as she looked past him to where Blaine stood over the stovetop.

"He's making some nice, yummy noodle soup for you and Mommy," Kurt explained as he settled his precious bundle down on the couch, making sure the blankets were nestled snugly around her body. "There we go, are you all comfy, bug? Shall we put on Backyardigans?"

"Unca Kuwt stay here," Zoe whined, pouting up at him and grabbing the leg of his pants.

"I'm not going far, sweetie-- I'm just going to get a few things from the kitchen to make you feel better, and then I'll come right back and cuddle with you, okay?" Kurt switched on the TV as he spoke, and as soon as the screen filled with friendly cartoon faces, Zoe laid back against the couch cushions with a soft sigh of resignation. "Good girl," Kurt murmured, kissing the top of her head before crossing over to the kitchen, pulling his soiled shirt up over his head as he went.

"Is this really the time for a striptease?" Blaine teased, glancing at his husband over his shoulder as he stirred the soup pot.

"Oh, yeah, baby," Kurt replied sarcastically, with an indolent little smirk. "Nothing makes me hotter than being covered in toddler snot." Blaine laughed as Kurt rooted through his messenger bag and pulled out a fresh shirt.

"She seems to be doing okay," Blaine observed, with a nod towards the child curled up on the couch.

"Yeah, she's a little trooper," Kurt nodded in agreement, as he busied himself gathering supplies-- an ear thermometer, a soft gel cold pack from the freezer wrapped in a terrycloth bunny-shaped sleeve, and a sippy cup that he filled with grape-flavored pedialyte. "But I'm glad we're here. Quinn's in no shape to be managing a sick kid by herself right now." He sighed as he screwed the lid onto the cheerful duck-patterned sippy cup, a gift from Brittany. "I'd hate to be a single parent."

"Quinn isn't a single parent, dear, so let's not throw her a pity party," Blaine chuckled, with an affectionate smile for his husband. "She's got a loving and devoted wife, who has no problem making sure her family is taken care of even when she's halfway across the country on a film set. I'd say they're managing quite well with their glamorous cosmopolitan lifestyle."

"Mm," Kurt agreed grudgingly, as he curled himself up in Blaine's arms with a sigh of contentment. "I suppose...but don't you go flying off anywhere after we get our little bundle of joy."

"Not a problem, hon. You won't be able to get rid of me." Blaine kissed his husband, and gave him a little wink.

Kurt brought his goodies back to the couch, where Zoe immediately curled up beside him and put her head down on his leg, obviously feeling clingy and looking for comfort. Kurt stroked her hair and kissed her forehead, managing to slip in the ear thermometer without disturbing her (100.8, not as bad as he'd feared) and then applying the bunny-shaped cold pack to her forehead. He wasn't sure how long it had been since Quinn had last given her a fever-reducer, so he decided to hold off on medicating the little girl until her mom woke up. In the meantime, he cajoled her to drink from the duck-covered sippy cup, made more difficult than usual because of her congested breathing. She couldn't drink continually while breathing through her nose, as she was used to; instead, she had to take small, individual gulps, with a little sigh of resignation between each one, as if this were the most exhausting activity on the planet.

Blaine had finished his soup and was cuddled on the couch with Kurt and Zoe when Quinn finally appeared, rubbing her heavy-lidded eyes and blinking at the scene in her living room in sleepy confusion. She was dressed in a pair of gold star pajama pants that Kurt was pretty sure were Rachel's, and an old Columbia University hoodie, though she was still shivering slightly through the warm layers of clothing. "Guess Rachel called you?" she asked woozily, with a weak smile as she crawled onto the couch beside Kurt, who wrapped an arm around her shoulders and kissed her hot forehead.

"Mm-hmm," Kurt agreed wryly as Zoe crawled over him to get to Quinn, who wrapped her up wordlessly in a hug. "We have clear marching orders to monitor you both and report back to her as needed until the situation is fully resolved." The blonde girl gave a congested little snicker, which turned into a juicy cough that she covered with one hand. Kurt watched her sympathetically, noticing a wet trickle beginning to stream from one raw, pink nostril as she coughed. He grabbed a tissue from the box he'd put out for Zoe and passed it to her.

"Thadk you," Quinn croaked weakly when she'd recovered herself, rubbing the tissue in rigorous circles against her damp nostrils with the tips of her fingers.

"Why you laughed?" Zoe asked, her head now nestled contentedly against Quinn's chest.

"Just thinking of Mama and how she talks," Quinn explained absently, settling back against the warmth of Kurt's side with a soft yawn. Her shivering was even more noticeable with her body pressed against him, and he grabbed Zoe's abandoned blanket from his other side and settled it over both of them.

"Thadks, Kurt," Quinn sighed, sniffling softly. "I'b really glad you're here."

"Me too, hon," he agreed, turning to kiss her forehead. Her skin felt unnaturally warm, and he frowned, reaching out to feel her face with the back of his hand. "Blaine, can you pass me the ear thermometer?"

"You don't have to do that," Quinn sighed, rubbing the damp tissue under her nose again. "Just take care of...huhh...of Zoe..." The blonde girl grabbed a fresh tissue from the box in font of her, cupping it to her face and trying to lean away from Kurt a little as her breath hitched weakly. "Ahhh...ishhiew!"

"Bless you," Chorused the two men and the little girl in tandem. Quinn blinked woozily, but didn't move her hands from her face as her eyes fluttered rapidly, and her breath hitched a little harder.

"Iht-chshh! Huhhh...etchhiiew!!" Quinn's shoulders snapped forward, pressing the back of her hands to the top of Zoe's head as she covered her sneezes. "Ugh, egscuse be," she sniffled wearily, blowing her nose vigorously into the tissue to try to dispel the wet tickle.

"Bless you, sweetie," Kurt said again, squeezing her shoulder. "And if you think Rachel's orders apply only to your daughter, then you must be completely delirious after all. We're here for both of you," he said firmly, accepting the ear thermometer from Blaine and leaning closer to slip it into her ear. It only took a moment to beep, but before he had a chance to pull his hand back, Quinn's breath hitched sharply again, and she pressed the damp tissue back to her face with one hand.

"Hehh-tshiiew!! *Sniff, sniffle*...ugh, sorry," she whimpered, glancing at the wet glob of snot that her nose had expelled unceremoniously onto Kurt's sleeve. Apparently, her hasty one-handed tissue hold hadn't quite been sufficient to keep in the spray of her drippy sneeze.

"It's okay, Mommy," Zoe said from her lap, yawning softly. "I sneezed on Unca Kuwt, too."

"Oh yeah?" Quinn chuckled sleepily, grabbing a fresh tissue and blowing her streaming nose again. "Gosh, what a fun day for Uncle Kurt."

"It's okay, now I don't have to feel bad for hurling on you in the cab after Brittany and Santana's bachelorette party," Kurt joked, wiping the stray glob of snot off his shirt sleeve with a clean tissue.

"Uh, no way, that was way grosser than this," Quinn smirked sleepily, curling back up against his shoulder with another soft yawn. "But stay here and keep cuddling us a while longer, and we'll call it a wash."

"I can do that," Kurt nodded happily, wrapping an arm around Quinn's feverish body and stroking her hair absently. "But you need something for that fever, sweetie pie. 101.9, ouch."

"M'okay," Quinn sighed, rubbing Zoe's back and letting her tired eyes fall shut. "What time is it?"

"Umm...almost ten fifteen," Blaine said from the other end of the couch, glancing at his watch.

"I had some of Zoe's stuff around five am...I guess I can have more now," the blonde girl agreed with a sleepy sniffle. "What about you, baby girl? Is your ear still ouchy?"

"No more ouchy," Zoe sighed contentedly, burrowing her face into her mom's sweatshirt and nuzzling the stuffed monster at her side. "Now I just has tickles all inside my head, an' my nose all drippy."

"Good, that means the antibiotics are kicking in," Quinn sighed in relief, glad she'd managed to get the prescription delivered so early. "Now we just snuggle and watch a lot of TV until we feel better, right?"

"God, you two are cute," Blaine smirked, shaking his head as he came back from the kitchen with a dose of Advil for Quinn and a mug of hot tea. "Here you go, sweetie. Do you want some for her, too?"

"No, she's too little," Quinn sighed, stroking Zoe's baby-soft hair as she sipped her tea, and swallowed her pills. "She can have some of the kids' formula every six hours...so, in another hour from now, I guess. Thanks, Blaine."

"My pleasure," the dark-haired man said with an affected little curtsy. Zoe giggled sleepily, watching him out of the corner of her eye.

"Udcah Bwaide fuddy," she sniffled, wiping her nose on the damp tissue still crumpled in her hand.

"Somebody needs a little nose-blow," Quinn murmured, pulling a fresh tissue from the box and urging Zoe to lean back a little in her lap. "Blow, honey," Quinn instructed gently; but Zoe's sleepy eyes were narrowing to slits, as her mouth fell open and her little body gulped in a deep, shuddering breath.

"Ah-- ahh-- " She grabbed Quinn's hand in both her own, mashing her little nose harder into the tissue in an attempt to relieve the itchy tickle lodged inside. "Ahhtshiew!"

"Bless you!" all three adults chorused affectionately. Zoe sighed wearily, and blew her nose vigorously into the tissue Quinn still held for her.

"I still feel sneezy in my nose," the child mumbled grumpily, blinking drowsily and scrubbing a finger under her nostrils as Quinn took the tissue away from her face.

"Here, baby, hold onto this," Quinn murmured, passing her a fresh tissue. "If you feel a sneeze coming, try to cover up, okay? We don't want Uncle Kurt and Uncle Blaine to catch our germs, right?"

"Yeah," Zoe agreed woozily, pinching and squeezing the tissue around her small pink nose with a distracted, absentminded expression. "Then we has t-to...take care of...of them..." With a little ticklish hitch, she pressed the tissue up to her nose with both hands, and buried her face against Quinn's sweatshirt. "Haachhoo! *Sniff.*"

"Well that's one solution," Quinn chuckled sleepily. "Bless you, honey."

"Doe gerbs got away," the child announced proudly, wiping the now-damp tissue under her runny nose with a wet sniffle. "I did good?"

"You did great, noodle," Kurt said affectionately, ruffling her hair. "Now lets get our two sick girls something good to eat."

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As I believe I have said before, I do not watch Glee, but this is very sweet and well-written. Thanks for sharing :drool:

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Oh my god. That's all I can say, and I'm pretty religious and never say that. Oh, my, god. Squee!!~ This is just too adorable! I have one question though. You mentioned Zoe was a 'carbon copy' of Quinn- since's it's now clear that she isn't adopted, then who's the father?

Oh, and would you mind if I completely stole this idea -then flipped some stuff around- for another Glee pairing that you probably hate?

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Oh my god. That's all I can say, and I'm pretty religious and never say that. Oh, my, god. Squee!!~ This is just too adorable! I have one question though. You mentioned Zoe was a 'carbon copy' of Quinn- since's it's now clear that she isn't adopted, then who's the father?

Oh, and would you mind if I completely stole this idea -then flipped some stuff around- for another Glee pairing that you probably hate?

zoe's "father" is the sperm bank and a turkey baster (nope, not joking, it's a standard lesbian procreational practice!). and as to your question about stealing my ideas, feel free-- my high school english teacher used to say that there are only 11 ideas in the entire history of literature, but what counts is how you tell it & finding your voice and your perspective. so, yeah, knock yourself out! I'm sure your story will be wholly your own. as to the question of ships, it's a mighty big ocean-- I think there's room for all our ships in the great glee sea :spidy:

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Yay Faberry! They're my favorite....and Brittana....and Klaine. Maybe, if you're into it, some contagion to Blaine or Kurt? I mean, the poor sickies have both sneezed all over Kurt already...I love this story! Please continue.

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AAAAWWWWW!!!! The guys are just awesome, and I just want to hug poor little Zoe. This is just the cutest story :D

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Yay Faberry! They're my favorite....and Brittana....and Klaine. Maybe, if you're into it, some contagion to Blaine or Kurt? I mean, the poor sickies have both sneezed all over Kurt already...I love this story! Please continue.

Seconded. Am loving this. Very cute. And if there was contagion (to either or both- says a Blaine-is-a-hottie-gril) I would *try* to survive. :blushing::winkkiss:

Regardless- looking forward to more if/when you are inspired. :D

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More please? :D this is adorable! And I love kirt and Blaine...maybe later they could get sick too <3 yummy

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