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Soooo, I'm in the midst of writing an original story right now, and...it's my first. :D;

any suggestions? maybe things people wanna see? :D (I already have a basic story but I'll add little things. These stories are meant to please after all! :D

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Well, I would certainly be up for giving some suggestions, but I don't want to just throw things out there and mess up your ideas. Would you be able to give a little summary of your idea? That way people could give suggestions that fit into your idea already, and you won't have to go and weed out the ones that are completely out there.

I guess that's my first suggestion. :winkkiss:

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That's true :heart:

First off you should write a fanfic that you enjoy yourself,

and maybe other people will like it too!

You shouldn't try to write what other people might want to read because everybody has a different taste,

don't you think so :)

Anyway, I'm excited to read your story!! Go for it and use your own ideas, I'm sure we'll like it anyway!

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