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Why do women who work in retail always seen to be very sneezey?


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Every time I go to the store or to a restaurant it seems like the female employees mainly are very sneezey. Not big fits, but I just notice alot of women sneezing in public.

At a garden center there was a female cashier in her 20s and a brunette. Who as she was cashiering sneezed three very intense allergy "haaaa---iiittttthhhiii" "haaaa-iittttchhhhiii" "haaaaa-itttchhhhiiii" sneezes with a "hewwww" at the end

Also at a gas station (I dont drive, but needed to buy a soda) I heard a women in her 20s sneeze two very intense, juicy sneezes.

There are also lots and lots of single and double sneezes seemingly random I hear from ladies in public.

Just seems as though lots of waitresses, laundresses and retail workers sneeze in general.

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I work in retail and I sneeze a lot at work. Well I sneeze a lot anyway but things get dusty there and we're responsible for dusting and also my register is right across from the fragrance counter so I'll sneeze a lot from that. On average when I work a six hr shift, you can count on at least 2 or 3 different sneezing fits.

But this is just my experience.

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I have never noticed that around here. :) I clearly shop at the wrong places.

ETA: Well, yes, there was one very pretty Norweigian girl who worked at a gas station where I used to stop by, and she was rather sneezy... also very nice, very flirty, and very handy... :)

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It's not something I've really noticed, personally. But maybe it's just constant interaction with the public? Pretty easy way to spread colds, or to catch a whiff of a strong perfume.

And I think it goes without saying restaurants, gas stations and garden centre's have poignant fumes of their own!

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Wow, I must be shopping at all the wrong stores. I have not noticed this. There are even places where I'm known by name, and I still haven't seen anyone sneeze there (very sad). Some people have all the luck. :drool:

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Haven't particularly noticed this either... but it does remind me of the first time I had to sweep the floor at the shop where I used to work... I was being thorough and you don't want to know how much dust I removed from under the displays... :twisted: Literally more dust than broom at some point. So dustiness could be an option. :drool:

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You might be on to something. At restaurants, it is often the responsibility of the waitresses to refill salt and pepper shakers. That was always always always a good time.

As for retail, not sure if this is worth a second thought, but you know how a lot of those compilation vids on youtube are from makeup instructional demos? Maybe it has something to do with those products kicking around. But of course, this is an ignorant male speaking.

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