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women at department store buys six 100-pack tissues and has sneezing fit in line.


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I had to go to the store late at night to buy some food. I dont like womens sneezes at all, but this was interesting. As I was pulling up to purchase, this lady in her 40s was buying huge amounts of tissues. I think it was 6-8 boxes of tissues for her medium sized nose

Just after they were scanned, she started sneezing over and over again in a moderately loud sneezes but not wet. Just haaaa-cchhhhhh. I dont know how many sneezes as there were at least seven, as she was leaving because I dislike female sneezes I sort of went back to shopping until she left and could no matter hear her sneezes.

It was sort of interesting, too bad I dont see guys doing that.

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Ha, of course you wouldn't see a guy doing that! Tissues are for the weak! We are men!! :twisted:

Cool obs, though. I'm glad you managed to fight your fear to share it with us! :drool:

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