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I'm in need.


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Because I was once told that the only way of getting over an old love is to get a new one, and I'm trying to get over a long-time, damaging love... Well, love is definitely out of the question here, but a little obsession seems to do the trick as well. These usually fade within time, but until it does, I remain in need.

So pretty please with cherry on top and lots of whipped cream and hot fudge,

*flutters eyelashes like a diva and blows kisses*

Palin fic? :)

If you feel you can handle that kind of request, (I'm not saying people would find her an easy "character" to write), PM me! :) I would love you forever and I would try writing basically anything in return. I’m no good with male, cold and fanfics but I would absolutely try anything and everything in return for this.

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