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My bestfriend's sick


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Okay so this weekend my friend(sorta long brown hair green eyes big but nice nose :D about 5'6)and i planned to hang out right? Yeah so on friday i get a call from my friend saying that she was sick and she apologized and i was like its okay we can still hang out if your up for it :lol: she was like nooo i dont wanna get you sick i would feel sooooo bad and i was all like no its fine i dont mind at all ( nope not at all :) ) so she got a ride over to my house and we hung out all weekend so all weekend i was taking care of her :drool: All we did was watch movies and lay in my bed and sleep well that what i did she was sneezing her head off most of the time i was in heaven :heart: Her sneezes are the best because of the build ups it takes her forever to sneeze there is plenty of warning when she sneezes it all like "huhh *dies down* huh huh hachiew!" and she always sneezes more than once so its amazing :twisted: and she hardly ever sneezes because she doesnt have allergies :D So she really only sneezes when shes sick :/

Well i hope that didnt stink i just thought i would share my little weekend fun thanks :wub:

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Oh,I just love sneeze buildups,breathy sneeze buildups...oh,my God,it's so...so great!!!! :blink: Thanks for sharing! :twisted:

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