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With the last Harry Potter film due out in less than 1 month, I was re-reading that part of the book. While reading about Snape and Lily while at Hogwarts, it got me to thinking that I would love to see a sneezefic with either Snape or Lily sick. It doesn't matter who as long as both are in the fic and the one not sick tries to care for the other and could be at Hogwarts or not.

Would anyone be interested in writing?

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I'll do one for Lily. (I'm not too sure about Snape, sorry! :blink:) I've been thinking about this story line. Correct me if this isn't what you're thinking:)

Lily falls ill in her fifth year due to studying with Lupin, who has a bad cold. While in the school grounds, she is sitting alone when Snape sees her sick. He drags her up to Madame Pompfrey and takes care of her while they are waiting.

Is this okay? I wasn't sure whether to put the story line in my post since I haven't responded to requests before. Thanks! :twisted:

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You're welcome :cryhappy:. I'm a bit busy at the moment so it might take a while but I should finish it within a few days, at least by the weekend!

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