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Roommate of BF and myself, M


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My boyfriend is 25 and recently graduated with his master's and is currently working a fancy job and living in a house with 3 other guys and a girl. I live here while school's out. Anyway, the roommate that we're talking about is about 5 feet 9 inches, slightly muscular/athletic build, light brown hair. He's a very outspoken and friendly guy who can get a little know-it-all-ish at times. I hate arguing with him because he always has to be right - even when he's wrong. However, I like him when he's sick because he's quiet and acts like a little baby. :spidy: I like him that way. Anyway, that's some background, but I guess since this is an obs the whole thing will be pretty intro-ish, sorry.

Anyway, he works at an airport and so he gets exposed to tons and tons of people every day. He also just graduated and just got promoted, so the boys are both members of the fancy-pants job club. Anyway, I'm cooking dinner the other night, right before he's supposed to get home, when I hear the door open and close quickly. He, we'll call him R, pops into the kitchen and says hello. I ask him how he is and he quietly responds, "Oh, I'm just -" he interrupted his thought with an appropriately timed yawn, "I'm just really tired."

He's always like this and a bit of an attention-grabber so I continued cooking while elaborated.

He cleared his throat before he continued, "Yeah, I've been up since seven, I couldn't sleep any longer. I'm really sick."

My heart skipped a beat when he said this but I regained my composure and continued to use the cooking as a distraction. "Oh?"

"Yeah, my throat was hurting really bad so I laid in bed for a while and read. Then I got up and did some work, it was actually a pretty productive day." His voice perked up a little at the end.

"Are you working tomorrow?" I was down to business.

"No, I have tomorrow off!" He declared triumphantly and then coughed once into his uniformed shirt. Even in uniform he looked like a sick little kid.

"It sounds like you could use the time off." He nodded and dragged himself out of the kitchen.


Later that night...

"Hey R, we ate earlier but I heated you up some food!" I heard him yell something from upstairs but I couldn't discern quire what he had said, and so one of the other roommates yelled into the kitchen, "he said that sounds good and he'll be right down."

"Great, thanks." I yelled. I looked up as I pulled a piece of corn out of the microwave to see him walking into the kitchen. Instead of being dressed in his uniform I noticed that he had put on a pair of gray sweatpants and a black hooded sweatshirt. His nose looked a little pink and I thanked the stars that I had looked up when I did because out of the corner of my eye, I saw him rubbing at his nose and sniffling. He hung around and sniffled a lot more while I continued heating up food for a couple more minutes. When I was done, I handed him his food and he looked at me with grateful eyes and thanked me for cooking him some dinner. It was spaghetti with a really healthy meat sauce cooked with basil that I had grown myself, fresh onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, spices, and other things that I reminded him were equally tasty and beneficial to his health.

When he walked out into the living room, my boyfriend commented on how delicious and healthy the sauce was. I commented, evilly I do admit, that it was super healthy *especially* because R wasn't feeling well. My boyfriend shot R a sorry look and said, "Oh yeah, you're not feeling well." R shook his head and sniffed as he made himself a seat on the couch.

After he ate, R curled up on the couch without a pillow, and laid down. It was really cute how vulnerable he looked - he even pulled the black hood up over his head. He coughed a bunch while he was on the couch and I think he fell asleep for a bit. The TV can get really loud and really soft just based on whether a commercial or a program is on and so a commercial finally woke him up and he silently and groggily got up, rubbed his face, tried to clear his nose (to no avail - you could only hear messy gurgles) and coughed. It sounded painful. As he walked upstairs he paused and put his hand in front of his nose, "hhhhh-Shffffff!”

Great, I thought. He's going to hold things and infect the whole house. As much as I like being around it, I find being sick a little difficult.

The next day I saw R and asked him how he was feeling.

"I'b feeling buch better, actually." He said. The last part was inflected as it usually was when he was feeling alright, so I believed him.

"That's good, I'm glad you're feeling better," I lied. I mean, I guess I was glad that he was feeling better, but I wasn't glad that he wasn't sneezing. After that, however, I was in the kitchen and I heard him sneeze from the other room. It sounded like, "AhKtchoo!"

Later on, about twenty minutes ago, he sneezed again, "ehhIhhshhhhoo!" That time was uncovered and I saw the spray cover the entire living room. However, he didn't appear sick today, so I can assume that it was either a small cold or he's gotten over the sore throat, thinks he's better, and will be hit with the whole thing tomorrow. I'll let you guys know how our house manages!

I hope this was ok in terms of format, let me know if you guys want it to be less story and more straight-forward. :taz: Cheers!

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Wow....... :blink: I think that this is fine the way it is (the story and obs thing) it's really good. Thanks so much for sharing! If there's anymore sneezyness in the house you should so totally write more ob's :D:twisted::innocent:

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Wow....... :blink: I think that this is fine the way it is (the story and obs thing) it's really good. Thanks so much for sharing! If there's anymore sneezyness in the house you should so totally write more ob's :D:twisted::D

I agree, lovely obs. Thanks for sharing. :innocent:

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Oh God. I literally cackled maniacally through this entire obs lol. It was perfect the way it was! The more info the better! I so totally enjoyed reading this.

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Really nice! Don't worry about background and stuff like that- seriously, I think (and it seems like many people agree with me on this) that it makes things even better! :twisted:

Loved how you filled things in to where I could see it in my mind. Thanks.

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