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Flying High


Synopsis: Kurt and Blaine are in their second year of college, both attending NYU. They are engaged, and live in an apartment together. It's winter time, and near Christmas when Blaine decides to surpirse Kurt with 2 plane tickets to go see Burt and Carole for the holiday's.


Kurt woke up to his alarm on his iPhone ringing. Groggily he shut it off and looked at the white numbers on the screen. 5:45am.

Sighing, he turned over to see his husband, still asleep. Kurt laughed quietly, amazed at how his finace could sleep through most anything.

He shook Blaine's shoulder gently. "Blaine, you have to get up. We have a flight to catch in 2 hours, and I sure as hell am not going to be late. You can sleep on the plane." he said, watching as Blaine opened his eyes.

"Morning sleepyhead. Get up and pack the last of your bag. I'm going to go take a shower." Kurt kissed Blaine's cheek quickly before jumping off the bed, shutting the bathroom door behind him.

Blaine looked from the door back to his stuff tiredly, trying to wake up. He rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands, noting that he couldn't shake that weak feeling he thought was from being woken up abruptly. He sat up, his throat sore and his head starting to show signs of an on comming headache.

"Fuck." he mumbled, standing up and stretching before grabbing the last few items from his section of the closet, packing them in his dark brown suitcase.

He shifted, bringing the collar of his white tshirt he had slept in over his mouth and nose, stifling a wetly produced sneeze.

"Hxnggt!" he sniffled, letting out a breath afterwards. Blaine heard the shower stop, and he quickly threw on his jeans, black undershirt and dark red sweater, the one Kurt had gotten him for his birthday earlier that month.

Blaine sniffled again, hoping to relieve some congestion in his sinuses. When it didn't work, he grabbed a tissue off of their bedside table, blowing into it softly, hoping not to create the apperance he was sick by making his nose pink. His breath hitched. Blaine kept the tissue at his nose, taking in a shaky breath.

"Hih.....ih...hignxxt!...hisshhh!" he tried to stifle twice, blowing it softly afterwards. The dark haired boy threw away the tissue as soon as he saw Kurt walking out, his hair immaculate, his black designer skinny jeans and white buttondown and tight vest making Blaine squirm. He thought how miserable he would be sitting on a plane in that, though Kurt had never had any issues before.

"Ready to go?" Kurt asked, his voice making Blaine grow weak, the angelic tone music to his ears.

"Yeah, I'm ready." he smiled, thankful his voice didn't show congestion. He reached out and laced their fingers together, picked up his suitcase and led Kurt to the car.


As the boys finally arrived at their gate, Kurt glanced over at Blaine. He knew his husband wasn't the most talkitive person in the world, no, that was himself, but he had never known Blaine to be this quiet. He watched as Blaine sat down, looking a little winded. Kurt wandered briefly if Blaine was upset at him, but those thoughts were pushed out of his head as Blaine grabbed his hand, sitting Kurt down.

"Excited?" Blaine asked, his voice slightly weaker, less bold than that morning.

"Yeah, I feel like I haven't seen my dad or Carole in quite some time. I can't wait to spend Christmas with them." he smiled back.

Blaine sighed, trying to will the tickle in his sinuses away. He sniffled just slightly, letting the hem of his sweater brush against his nose, hoping to make it go away. He heard Kurt say something along the lines of 'coffee' and watched his finace get up. As soon as Kurt was out of hearing range, Blaine coughed into his elbow before desperately trying to stifle 3 wet sneezes.

Heh’gnnhhshh....Heh’tchhshh..Hihh’chhh-uahh!!. Blaine felt his head swim as he held them back, sniffling thickly as he tried to locate the small pack of carry on tissues he had put in his pocket. He pulled one out, blowing his nose, slightly disgusted at how wet it sounded.

"Shit..Kurt's going to be so pissed if he finds out i'm getting sick." he mumbled to himself. He got up and threw away the tissue, his sinuses pounding as he sat back down. He coughed again before Kurt came back.

"I got you your favorite." the countertenor smiled. Blaine took it graciously, sipping on it already feeling it calm his stomach and throat.

As they boarded the plane, he wondered how long he could keep this facade up. He could feel himself begining to get a faver, and his nose had a building tickle that wasn't going to go away anytime soon.

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Yay more Blaine sneezyness! haha :laugh: I love it!! :hug: poor guy though. looking forward to more! :D:):laugh::hug:

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Oh god! Blaine is so cute when he's sick. Please continue this. I appreciate this so much!

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awwww, poor blaine! he's gonna be soooooo miserable on the plane...shoulda snuck off and bought some nasal spray in the airport while kurt was getting coffee. yay for more glee fics! can't wait to see more of this :)

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Hey guys! Thanks for the reviews!! Here's chapter 2!


“…please stow all carry-on luggage in the over-head compartments, and if the oxygen masks do come down, please secure your own mask first before helping anyone in the seats around you…”

Blaine wasn’t paying attention. His nose was all but running, his head felt like it had been stuffed with cotton, his sinuses ached, and he was trying to stop from shaking as another chill tore through his body. His nose was tickling like crazy. He casually looked to his left, Kurt sitting and reading Vogue, his headphones resting in his ears. Blaine rubbed at his nose, letting his palm practically attack the sensitive skin. At first he thought it had helped, so he let his guard down, resting his eyes as his head fell back against the uncomfortable headrest. A few minutes later, the tickle came back at full force. He could feel his eyes watering from holding back the sneeze, his jaw starting to lock up from how hard he was clenching it.

He couldn’t let Kurt see him like this, he couldn’t. Not only would that be showing he needed help, but Kurt would make a big deal about it. Tell him he would have to stay inside and be bored for the next 5 days. That was not happening. He let his jaw open lightly as his eyes focused on something to the right of him. He brought a hand up to his stuffy nose, letting his fingertips rest on each of the sides of his nostrils, pinching tightly as he sneezed as quietly as he could, hoping not to move or disturb Kurt.

“hehhh….hii..he’ptCH’hshhahh…..hu’TCH’hsssh…he’MPH’hehh” Blaine stifled as well as he could. After sniffing thickly, knowing he couldn’t blow his nose, and successfully making the tickle in his nose get stuck and make permanent residence, he looked at Kurt, who seemed to have fallen asleep. Blaine tried mind over matter, telling himself he wasn’t sick, that he could breathe perfectly through his now raw nose. His thoughts were interrupted however when the tickle became too much to bare.


Blaine leaned away from Kurt, blushing as a few passengers gave him looks. He dragged his wrist under his wet nose, before speaking.

“’Scuse be.” He muffled into a tissue that he had gotten out of his pocket. A flight attendant walked over, looking down at him. She gave him a small sympathetic smile.

“Would you like water…or a blanket?” she asked quietly, noticing Kurt’s sleeping form. Blaine shook his head.

“Doh thag you.” He replied, blowing his nose once again. The edges of his nostrils were becoming a light pink, indicating the irritation they had been suffering.

As the flight attendant walked away, Blaine stood. Opening the latched compartment door up above him he dug around in his small carry on and grabbed his old Dalton sweatshirt, yanking it on over his sweater. He sat back down, wrapping his arms around himself, closing his tired eyes as well.


Blaine opened his eyes not 10 minutes later. He felt uncomfortable. His head felt too heavy, he felt as if his sinuses were going to explode, and his throat was becoming more and more sore. The congestion was becoming to much for him to handle. He wished he had accepted the water when the woman had asked, but he didn’t want to disrupt her from her job now.

He shifted again when he felt Kurt’s head drop against his shoulder. Blaine wrapped an arm around Kurt gently, careful not to wake him. He felt the urge to cough, and did so, repressing it as much as could so he wouldn’t startle his fiancé. Blaine groaned internally, now he would have to be extra careful. He felt like he was a cold-stricken mess, though he wholly hoped that he looked better.

As the captain came back on to tell the passengers to return to their up-right positions and store all items once again, Blaine’s nose thought it a good time to start tickling again. It itched so badly, and all he wanted to do was sneeze, but Kurt was now waking up, and it was out of the question.

“Hey baby, have a good flight?” Kurt asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“Yihh….Yeah, it wh-was good.” Blaine sighed, rubbing his nose against the worn sweatshirt sleeve ask Kurt looked out the window.

“Huh’Innnxchtttt” he stifled, not being able to contain the tickle anymore. Before he could even look over at Kurt, he sneezed again, his nose running.

“Hi’tschh’uh!....Huh’PTCH’uhh..” Blaine blindly grabbed another tissue, letting the rough cloth rub up against his reddening nose. Kurt looked at Blaine, an eyebrow raised.

“Bless you…are you feeling sick?” he asked, trying to lay a hand on Blaine’s slightly flushed face.

“Do, I’b fine. Id’s just allergies, really.” He tried convincing Kurt, groaning at the congestion that was evident in his voice. He felt it lighten up, and smiled at Kurt weakly.

“Okay Mr. Stuffy, then why have you never had a fit like that before?” Kurt asked curiously.

“.....I don’t know, I guess I just never have them around you.” he trailed off, praying that convinced him, and that he believed everything was okay. After a minute or two of silence, Kurt nodded.

“Okay, if you need allergy meds, Carole probably has some.” He gave Blaine’s hand a squeeze as they unbuckled their seatbelts and got their luggage, going to meet Burt in front of the airport to go home.

Blaine nodded, his head swimming alarmingly as they walked off the plane. He almost stopped, but decided against it, pushing through and taking Kurt’s hand once more. ‘This is going to be a long week’ Blaine thought as he felt snow falling onto his skin.

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Awwwww poor Blaine! he's getting sicker (and even more sneezy) ;):winkkiss::D and he's still trying to keep it from Kurt? Poor boy. I LOVE this! thank you so much for writing it! looking forward to more sneezyness from Blaine and I wonder how long he can keep being sick from Kurt.

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Thanks guys for the feedback! Part 3 is here!!


The ride to Kurt's old house from the airport was horrible for Blaine. He and Kurt sat in the back while Burt and Carole occupied the front. Blaine leaned his warm head against the cool glass of the frosted window, only answering questions when needed. Carole seemed to notice something was wrong, so she turned around and gave Kurt a questioning look. Kurt shrugged, not knowing either.

"Blaine, honey, are you okay?" she asked, her tone gentle and calming.

"Yh-Yeah Mrs.Hummel. I'm just...I get carsick easily." he mumbled, his stomach rolling. It wasn't a complete lie, but ontop of that his head was nothing but pressure, and he couldn't breathe.

"Oh, I'm sorry sweetheart. I would have let you take my seat if I had known." She said, concern flooding her voice.

"It's okay, I can ride it out, it's only a few more minutes..." he said, as Kurt put a hand on his shoulder.

"Blaine...I didn't..I'm sorry."

"It's okay Kurt...really." he said, shaking slightly. He groaned as the tickle came back.

"Sc...ehhh..'scuse me..he'TCH'chuu...hih....ehh...His'shhh'uh....Hit'SCH'uhh...Hit'sngxtt'uhh" Blaine stifled the disgustingly wet sounding sneezes, holding them back as well as he could.

Blaine blushed furiously. He could feel 3 pairs of eyes on him as he sniffled thickly, congestion flooding his voice and head. Kurt looked at him, a look he couldn't decipher playing across his finace's face.

"You're sick." Kurt said bluntly.

"Doh, I'b dot, Hodestdly I swear, I'b fide. Id's just allergies." he said, putting a hand to his sinuses, the torture starting to build. Carole nodded.

"If he say's he's fine Kurt, he's fine." she said, smiling at Blaine a little, though she was still worried.

Kurt wanted to scream. He wanted to tell Carole that Blaine wouldn't just tell someone he was sick. He would wait till the last possible second, till he felt so miserable he couldn't move, then he would tell someone, and he would still feel like he was being a bother. But no. Kurt just nodded, smiling up at Blaine who wore a confused and slightly sneezy expression. Blaine slumped in his seat and looked out the window again, not uttering another word.


Blaine wanted to sleep. More than anything right now all he wanted to do was close his eyes and drift into a dark place where he could get some rest. But he was sitting at the Humdel's kitchen table, listening to Kurt tell Burt and Carole about New York. He sat close to Kurt, one arm around him. He kept trying to make himself not drift off. He knew officially he was sick. He had tried denying it, but that was no use now that he knew he was running a fever, his throat was unbearable, the pressure in his head and sinuses was dizzying, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't breathe. Oh yeah, and there was that awful achieness that consumed his whole body, making itself ever present at the worst times, along with the tickle in his nose.

Kurt noticed Blaine starting to drift off for what seemed like the 12th time. He looked at the clock. 10:45pm.

"Carole, Dad, I think we're going to get some sleep. We've been up since pretty early, and we want to have some energy for tomorrow." he said, noting Blaine's head snap up and nod.

"Okay kiddo. Blaine, you don't mind taking the couch do you?" Burt asked. He figured Kurt and Blaine shared a bed at their apartment, but he didn't want to witness that in his own house. So for now, Blaine was on the couch.

Blaine groaned internally, wishing badly for a real bed, with real covers he could sink into, but he put on a smile.

"No sir, that's perfectly fine." he said, happy the congestion had long since been gone.

"Alright, well, I'll put the sheets, blanket and pillow down here for you. We'll see you boys in the morning." he said, going to get the items for Blaine.

Kurt looked at Blaine. "Sorry we can't sleep together baby." he gave a sad smile. Blaine nodded.

"Yeah, I guess we have to learn how to be apart." he laughed, holding back a cough.

Kurt nodded, gave him a kiss on the cheek and went up stairs, going to get ready for bed. Burt brought the things to the couch and left. Blaine tiredly got to work, making his bed. He coughed openly now, a shiver wracking his body. He changed into boxers and a longsleeve navy shirt, climbling under the covers. It was nearly 3am when he woke up, congested and a tickle in his nose. He sneezed unrestrained into his pillow, not caring that his nose was running.

"Hu'rishh'uhh......He'Ptchuuushhh'uhhh.....H'upshhh'uhhh, Hu'TCHISHH'Shuhhh, HISHHXNGT!" Blaine just burrowed deeper into the pillow. He didn't fall asleep at all that night, his nose and sinuses giving to much issue for him to let his eyes close.

He sighed deeply as he saw the sun come through the window, and heard Burt and Carole walking down the stairs. He thought about the day ahead, how Kurt had said they would have a snowball fight, and maybe go to the mall. For the first time in his life, his mind flashed a warning sign, told him to tell someone he was sick, but he ignored it and got up, gretting the Humdels with a bright smile.

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Part 4! Also, I had a few ideas for a oneshots I may start, so I need your help to choose. Either Blaine sick on his wedding day, Darren sick on set during the kliss scene, Blaine sick when Kurt proposes, or Blaine sick for their 1 year. Just some ideas. If you guys have requests that'd be cool too! R&R <3


As Kurt walked down the stairs, he regretted not talking to Blaine more. He was sitting on the couch that he had remade, his eyes glassy, a look of pure exhaustion on his face. He looked paler than normal. Kurt walked over to him, sitting down.

"Blaine..." Kurt said to let him knew he was sitting there. Blaine just blinked, then shook his head, producing a smile.

"Hey Kurt!" he said, congestion still lacing his tone, though barely noticiable. Kurt knit his eye brows together.

"Do you feel okay? I mean....I know I've already asked you that, but...." he trailed off, being shushed by Blaine.

"I'm fine, I swear. Why don't we get some of Caroles amazing pancakes and then we can go and play in the snow okay?" he suggested, wanting to get the snow adventures out of the way so the rest of the day could be relaxing and getting warm.

Kurt nodded, getting up and walking to the kitchen where pancakes, syrup, strawberries, bacon, sausage, and orange juice sat on the table. Blaine followed him, stopping as he took it all in.

"Damn she works fast." he said in awe. Kurt laughed, nodding.

"You should see her on our birthdays." he winked, than sat down, signaling for Blaine to as well.

After they had finished; Kurt eating most all of his, Blaine eating barely half, they went upstairs to change. Kurt ofcourse had an amazing snow outfit, all black and complimenting to his tone. He also wore gloves and a black cashmeire hat. Blaine wore jeans, a heavy white sweater and long sleeve shirt, a scarf and his gloves.

"Don't you thin you're going to be cold?" Kurt asked.

"I'll be fine. I have you to warm me up." he smiled playfully, stealing a kiss on Kurt's cheek. Kurt blushed, but grabbed his hand and led him outside.

About 30 minutes into running around in the snow, Blaine was sucsessfuly worn out. Running around was normally fun, but when he couldn't breathe it made the fun level drop.

"Hex'NGXT'uhhh....*sniffle* Hup'PTCH'uhhh" Blaine stifled, the snow falling harder than it had before. Kurt looked up, seeing the winded shivering, red nosed and bleary eyed Blaine. Kurt grabbed his hand before Blaine had time to even breathe and he led the ex-warbler back inside.

"You're sick. Stop denying it!"

"Doh....I'b...hehh...'scuse....scuuehhh...scuse be...Hitch'schh....Hep'tch'ughhh....Hi'SHTCHH'shuhhh...Hg'nxt'shhh" he sneezed wetly, letting his sweater sleeve wipe up against his stuffy red nose.

"I'b sorry, I don't know why....heh....ihhhh.....het'SCHP'uhhh....Het'isc'huuhhh! Hg'NXXXT'chuh! H'istchhxngzzt'shuuh." he sneezed messily, groaning as he felt his world get dizzy. Blaine sat n the couch, Kurt next to him. Kurt lifted a hand to Blaines warm forhead, frowning as his porcelain skinn connected with Blaines.

"Honey..." Kurt stated, obviously worried. Blaine groaned, shivering violently.

"Kurd, stob id. I'b fide!" he whined, feeling constricted. He felt to warm, and the pressure in his head and sinuses coupled with his congestion were making him feel almost claustrophobic.

"Blaine, all I want is for you to get some medicine okay? I can go and get you some cold medicine, and we can watch Peter Pan in my bed. I can uddle with you, and make you feel better. I don't want you sick for christmas. That's only 2 days away." Kurt said sympathetically. Blaine nodded.

"Fide, but i'b sorry. I ruined all your plads. I'b so sorry." he said, a war taking part in his consciense.

"It's fine baby, I just want you to feel better. Off to bed, i'll go get you some medicine okay?" he asked, kissing his flushed cheek.

Blaine whipped his head to the side.

"He'XNGT'uhh...fide." he mumbled, walking up the stairs to Kurt's bedroom.

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This is so cute! Also, I would love to see more stories from you, there really isn't enough sick Blaine stuff out there (or Darren)...and there definitely should be!

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Omg I love you and you are amazing! I'm thinking about writing my own sometime cuz I love them so much..ideas? Klaine forever! <3 ^_^)

Oh and bet I would love to see D sick on set 4 the kiss scene! Maybe Chris could get it to *cough*

Merged posts ~ obsessed

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LOVN' this...

and seriously- I would DIE for a Darren story... actually I've been thinkng about that lately but I'm crap at writing Real Person fics- so if you dd that it would be Very cool!! ^_^

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I would love to read anything having to do with Blaine or Darren. This is absolutely awesome! So much cute! And Kurt's so sweet and caring...

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Part 5! I believe this will be the last part as well. Thanks for all the input! I'll be sure to put the Darren one out first ^_^!! Enjoy!


"Hehhh.....Hui'ISTCH'shuuuh.....Hihh'GXNT'uhhh..." Blaine sneezed into a soiled tissue, his pink nose flaring. Blaine blew it softly, the rough edge of the tissue making his nose only more irritated. With another thick sniffle, Blaine closed his eyes, coughing a few times before he heard Kurt walk in.

"Hey Mr.Sniffles. I thought you might want some soup and medicine. It'll help with your congestion." Kurt said. Normally Kurt wouldn't be caught dead around someone who was sick. He wasn't an extreme germaphobe like Emma, but he was definantly bordering. Blaine could make him do new things everyday at the rate he was going. Kurt held a tray that included chicken soup, water, Aleve Cold and Sinus, and Hercules, his favorite Disney movie.

Blaine smiled a dopey smile.

"Thagks Kurd. I really appreciade all of dis. You did't have to do all of dis." he spoke, his throat scratchy. Kurt shook his head, getting up on the bed next to Blaine, wrapping his arms around the sick curly haired boy.

"Honey, you are sick with a really bad head cold. Do you think I would leave you at my parents alone during christmas time to go and do things? And without the man I love no less, you must have a fever. Baby, I love you, and I want you to feel better. In sickness and in health." Kurt smiled.

"Bud we ared't married yed." he said, taking the medicine and popping 2 of the pills, swallowing it with the glass of water. Kurt smirked, but just gave him a 'Yeah, but we're going to be someday so let's practice' look. Blaine smiled, eating some of his soup. The steam from it wafted up into his nose, winding itself up his sinuses and teasing the cavity.

"Hihhhhh....Hitch'TCSH'uhh..." he stifled into his hand, careful not to spill the soup. He turned away from Kurt, his hand still against his mouth and nose, his breath hitching and his pink nostrils twitching in anticipation.

"H'GNXT'uhh....Hu'PTCHSH'uh.....Hihhh....Ku....Kurd....can I have a tissss.....tihhhh....Ti'ITSCH'shuuhh!!...tissue?" he asked, his nose running freely. Kurt nodded, but instead of handing the tissue to him, he brought the white cloth up to Blaine's nose, his delicate fingers cupping his nose around it.

"Blow." Kurt directed. Blaine looked at Kurt like he was crazy.

"I'b goig to ged you sick." he muffled, trying to break away from Kurt, but Kurt shook his head and looked at him.

"Blow. You did this for me when I was sick, I'm returning the favor." he replied to his flushed boyfriend. Blaine recalled a few months ago in September when Kurt had come down with the same horrible head cold, his nose running rampant. Blaine had sat up with him for 3 days, not getting any sleep. He had stayed by his side and kept a tissue handy, helping him blow his nose. Blaine sighed.

"Fide." he said, softly blowing his nose into the held tissue. Kurt could feel the slight warm dampness around his hingers, but he didn't care. This was Blaine. Blaine Anderson was sick, and he knew that didn't happen often. Up until now, Kurt had never even seen Blaine sick. He had always pegged him as one of the guys who acted as if nothing was wrong when they were sick. He was absolutely right.

As Blaine finished, he groaned. His sinuses were killing him. He couldn't breathe, and they pulsed as if to be a beat to one of Katy Perry's songs. He leaned against Kurt, the slight fever that was being expelled through his cheek warming Kurt's shoulder. Kurt looked at him concerned. He laid his hand upon Blaine's forehead again. As he went to take it off, Blaine grabbed it, keeping it there.

"Id feels good. Id's cold." he mumbled, shivering lightly. Kurt looked at the clock. 1:45pm. He thought for a moment before takig his hand off and sitting Blaine up.

"We're going to get dressed and I'm taking you to the doctor. You need something better than just Aleve Darling. You're miserable." he said, stroking Blaine's curls. Blaine groaned but nodded, getting up dizzily. He grabbed his jeans, a dark green knit longsleeve shirt and his creme pullover sweater. As he put them on, the sweater brushed up against Blaine's sensitive nose, making it itch. Every move he made seemed to be slowed due to the medicine he had just consumed.

"Scuse....scuse be...Hg'NXT'huhh, Hit'CHSH'uhhh, Huhhh....Huptchuhhhh!....Hehh…uhhh-Hitshuhoooo!” Blaine could tell he was getting worse, along with Kurt. They both knew that Blaine stifled his sneezes. Kurt came to the realization he must be really miserable if he couldn't even do that. He led Blaine to Carole's car, which she had graciously lent to them, and helped him in.

As they drove, Kurt turned up the heat. He wasn't really that cold, but Blaine was shivering, gritting his teeth at the harsh climate. As they arove to Kurt's old doctor, he sat Blaine down in a chair. Kurt went to the front desk and checked in, also grabbing a clipboard that had questions he needed to fill out. EVen though they had been dating 3 years, he hoped Blaine would be coherant enough to help answer them.

Kurt sat down next to a sniffling Blaine. "Need a tissue?" Kurt asked, wrapping one arm around Blaine's shoulder. Blaine shook his head slowly, decling and looked at the clipboard.

"God, these things piss me off." he mumbled, happy the congestion had dissapated for the moment. Blaine looked at the questions, but Kurt read them off. He knew Blaine's full name; Blaine Avery Anderson, where he lived, his age, his emergency contact; Kurt Hummel, and the rest of the normal questions. Kurt looked at Blaine when it came to medical history. Blaine had known all of his since September, now Kurt needed Blaine's. Blaine grabbed the pen, taking the clipboard. Kurt watched as Blaine read down the list of items, checking off Epilepsy, Depression, and Hay Fever. Kurt looked at him quizically.

"Epilepsy?" Kurt had known about the depression from when he was younger, and wasn't really surprised by hay fever, but epilepsy? Why hadn't he known? Blaine shrugged.

"I had seizures when I was little...from getting pushed around so much. There were th....thr....hehh....H'GXNT'uhh...scuse be, there were three guyd's thad would always pick od be, ad they roughed be up a little do buch, by head hit the groud, ad ever since I had seizures. I take medicide for id though." he said, rubbign his nose with his sleeve. Kurt hugged him, but didn't make him say anything else.


As they arrived back at the house, Kurt grabbed a water bottle.

"Baby, I have your antibiotics. I'm sorry you have a sinus infection ontop of a terrible headcold." he said, stroking Blaine's curls.

"Id's fide. As lodg as I ged to be near you." he sniffled, hugging Kurt as they went back upstairs to lay down.

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