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While I was cleaning room, I found this mini-fic I wrote on paper many moons ago. The original idea was the main character being a teenage girl discovering her sneezing fetish a bit later in life, starting with enjoyment of her own sneezing at seventeen. (:D) It was gonna read like a diary entry. But before you ask, no, I have no current interest in turning this into a series. Sorry.

But with the pleasantries out of the way, enjoy what you do get! :D


...Meanwhile, Mom was cleaning the house today and made me dust while she and Dad went out. I didn't put up too much of a fight; I wasn't doing anything else anyway.

I started downstairs. The den and living room had been pretty dusty for a few weeks now. Soon enough, I started feeling a bit of an itch in my nose. While I'm not terribly allergic to dust, I suppose enough of it can make anyone sneeze from time to time, and I'm no exception. I giggled as I had this thought, and I began to rub at my nostrils. Universal vulnerability, on such a small scale - it's not the black death, just a harmless sneeze or three. I rubbed my nose some more, feeling the fleshy part of the tip move back and forth, back and forth. I wondered if it was turning pink.

I continued dusting, coming to a particularly dusty bookshelf in the den. Just removing some of the books kicked up some of the stuff. I felt the itch intensify. I decided to give in, dropped my rag, and waited. It wasn't long before... "Heh-EHshoo!" I bent forward at the waist, and laughed at my little performance. The tickle wasn't gone, but it subsided enough for the time being.

I finished with the bookcase, sniffling every so often, and moved upstairs. It wasn't nearly as bad up there, till I got to my room. I started moving things off my desk - it was probably as dusty, if not worse, there than on the bookcase. My itchy nose got a lot itchier just then! Soon I couldn't stop myself: "Heh-CHOO! ...Ha-CHOO!" I sneezed, this time into my elbow.

Anyway, I finished the dusting, laid down on my bed, grabbed a pink Kleenex from my box, covered my face in time for one dusty sneeze - "HEHHshoo!" - and gave my poor nose a hearty, well-deserved blow.

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Hey, how did I miss this!!? It's really good, I like it!! :lol: Thanks for sharing!!

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Great little sneezefic! Love finding stuff that I forgot I wrote - you can find some true gems that way :D

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What a delightful little story :drool: I'd say you have the art of drabbling worked out just beautifully.

Universal vulnerability, on such a small scale

Particularly liked this wonderfully succinct phrase :D

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Thanks everyone! Didn't realize this had gotten comments :laugh:

@Chanel: Thank you Chanel :D

@Nicole: Aww, thanks! I will try to continue writing more ;)

@Lalena: Thanks! :)

@Mims: More (unrelated to this) fics should be on their way in a week or so :D

@NoV: I know, right? It's great ;)

@HoL: I liked that particular phrase, too! It's so true :lol: Thanks!

@Pearlised: Thank you :)

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