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dad interrupts perfect moment


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So for the about 7th time i am listening to clips on youtube and getting turned on all of those feelings and what not when my dad walked in the rooms and gives me that puzzling look :cryhappy: . I stop in fear he'll ask questions. apparently when a female, like myself, gets horny her eyes dialate. :clapping: a dead give away. i've never thoguht to look when i am but, i think mine do ot somthing. i may blush... :blushing: well for some people i know i blush and wiggle for reasons not to be mentioned here.... ;)

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Awww, damn, luv. That sucks! I've had this sort of thing before... I've never checked my eyes, but I know for sure that I go briiiight red... which has caused for awkward moments.

Good luck in the future, and I hope your dad doesn't walk in on you again, eh? *reassuring virtual back pat*

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