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So I've recently started rewatching all the episodes of That 70's Show (I miss that show...) and I had totally forgotten how much of a HUGE crush I had on Stephen Hyde (Danny Masterson). So......if anyway would be into writing a Hyde sickfic, I would love you for all eternity and forever and always and I would send happy thoughts your way. :P.

I don't care if it's slash or not but, if it is slash, oddly enough, the ONLY person I can really see him with is Eric so keep that in mind! I love you all!

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Omg I've wondered from time to time why I don't see more fics based on this show. I would offer to write it if I wasn't already swamped with projects for this forum and real life obligations, but I would definitely read if someone decided to write this. I love Hyde. :P

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