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Fic for Stargazer. Sorry it's unfinished, unedited and unrefined, it's all I can do at the moment, I'm really busy. Sorry again and I'l finish this off (sneezy Snape included) as soon as I can!



In the Gryffindor Dormitories

Lily Evans woke up at midnight. She sat bolt upright, shivering, her throat raw, her head pounding, and felt something trickling down her nose.

'Damn,' she hissed, using the cuff of her nightie to swipe at the thin line of liquid that was dribbling down her upper lip. It had to be Remus, who Lily had been studying with the day before. He'd come into the library with a large handkerchief and sniffled all his way through their studying session.

'heh'Kshhh!' Lily sighed and wiped her face on her pillow. She knew it was gross but she wasn't up to trekking all the way to the windowsill where the tissues were stored. She felt disgusting and horribly cold, and decided that some warmth would do her good. She grabbed her quilt, wrapped it around her shoulders, and crept downstairs.

Down in the common room, to her surprise, the fire was lit and someone was sitting in front of the fireplace, their loud, congested snores filling the room, punctured by the occasional wet sniff or a mildly phlegmy cough. Lily was about to head back upstairs, not wanting this company, when she accidentally tripped over a table and fell to the ground with a loud crash.

The snoring stopped abruptly and that person got up, clearing their throat.

'Lily?' Lupin said hoarsely, 'what are you doing here?'

'I was cold,' Lily said, swallowing painfully, 'what about you?'

'Me too,' Lupin smiled and gestured at the fire, 'warms me up. Better than going to Madame Pompfrey at this time of the night.'

'Mm,' said Lily, suddenly bending to the side, 'huh'SHMFF! heh-tchoo!' She sniffled and collapsed onto a sofa in front of the fire. 'ehhh-tishhshh!'

'Oh, dear,' Lupin said guiltily, 'did you get my cold? I'm so sorry, Lily. Here are some cough drops, they should help with your throat. And let's get you to Madame Pompfrey's.'

'No,' Lily said with a slight cough, 'it's fine.' Her voice hitched for a second and she suppressed a cough before continuing. 'I was there just a few weeks ago and I don't like the hospital wing...' She broke off and muffled a cough before looking embarrassed. 'I guess I should go back upstairs.'

'It's fine, Lily, let's stay here, it's warm in front of the fire. And I'm so sorry you got my cold. Seriously, have a cough drop.'

'Thanks,' Lily said weakly as she pulled her blanket to her shoulders and curled up on the seat, sucking on the hard candy. Well, she was sick, but so was Remus, and she really didn't mind the company. Remus was the only sensible one out of the Marauders...


In the Slytherin Dormitories

'hiht'chew!' Lucius Malfoy coughed into his large handkerchief as he lounged back into his bed, rubbing his chest. 'Ugh, this cold...' He made his way slowly down the stairs, aiming a few uncovered sneezes at the handrail, and giving phlegmy coughs into his hand. 'hup'ishoo!'

Many of his fellow Slytherins glanced at him warily and wandered off in the opposite direction as he glared at them and settled into a green armchair. Severus Snape was part of the crowd avoiding Lucius, as exams were coming up and he really couldn't afford to get sick, even though his throat was scratchy and his head achy. Severus had attributed this to the fact that he had been out in the cold too much as opposed to the beginning of a cold.

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Awww, very cute story. Very realistic and cute. :):drool: ... Snape... sneezing...? :D *squees*

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