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A whole host of obs! Sneeze filled day out!


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I've been meaning to post this for a week but haven't had the chance, anyway.....

I went on a shopping trip with my Step-Mum the other week and in the car on the way there I was chatting with my step-mum when her voice faltered and her breath hitched (and I mentally stuck pins in my ears :drool: ) and she sneezed a very wet AAHHSSSSSSSHHHHHEE which I felt spray my damn arm!!!! I know some of you would love that but this was my step-mum and I wasn't happy :)

When we got to the town we were shopping in we were walking to the shops when I heard a very loud and masculine sneeze from behind me which sounded something like HHEEH-SSHHOO and you could almost hear the voice behind it if that makes sense?!

Next obs.... we were in a shop looking at clothes when a lady sneezed a forceful but feminine AAHH-SSSSHHOO, I spun round (yes a little too quickly :bleh: ) to see a woman in her late 30s, tall, slim, pretty face with blonde shoulder length hair, sunglasses perched on top of her head with her hand held up in front of her face, with a fantastic pre-sneeze face, her breath hitched HEH-HE-HEEESSHHEWWW. My step-mum who was stood by her said, bless you.... and the woman looked at her and said "wait it's always 3 times, I always...HHEEHHH-ASSSHHOOO sneeze in threes!!" :D My step-mum blessed her again and I tried not to stare with my mouth open!! Very hot!

We moved on from that shop and were looking in a local market when we found a shoe shop to browse in, I was looking at handbags when a shop assistant caught my eye. Very tall, long blonde haired lady who I would say would have been in her early 40s and had a very distinctive largeish pointed nose. She caught my eye as she was rubbing her nose and really sniffling and kept gazing up at the shop lights. I kept paying attention to her whilst looking at the handbags when I saw her mouth drop open, her nose flare and she sneezed a very loud HAASSSHHOOOOOO. She sniffled again, muttered bless me under her breath and walked to the other side of the shop. My step-mum then called me to leave that shop.

After our shopping trip we called at a local pub for lunch and as it was hot we sat outside by the edge of the river, this led me to have several sneezing fits during the course of lunch. I was sniffly, and kept having to quickly pull tissues from my handbag as I felt the tickle in my pollen ridden nose build to sneezes. The fits were from anywhere between 5 and 14 sneezes (yes I counted :wub:)

Whilst sat outside having lunch, two ladies sat nearby having a drink and chatting, I would say they were in their late 30s, both had very short blonde hair and looked like they'd been walking. One of the ladies stopped mid conversation with her friend, held her finger up and then pulled the other arm in front of her nose and sneezed two very wet AASSHHEWWW, AASSHHHEWWWWW sneezes.

After realising what a sneezy day i'd witnessed I kept a note of all the obs including my own in my iPhone to share with you all - hope this wasn't too long or boring lol :blushing:

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Lovely observation!! You know, except for the one about your step mom which was only lovely for us :winkkiss:

Is it just as bad when you sneeze in front of her? I would have died (and probably been thankful for it) if I'd sneezed that much in front of someone from my family.

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This is great. All of them sneezing wetly. You're so lucky. :winkkiss: Thanks for sharing.


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- hope this wasn't too long or boring lol :laugh:
Au contraire :D Very awesome obses, thank you lots for sharing. :boom:
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What a lucky day! Perhaps I could follow you around......

(in a non-stalkery way of course)


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Wow - some amazing obs! Funny how great obs all seem to come at the same time. I seem to go for ages without a good one and then - BOOM! - a series of amazing obs present themselves!

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