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Need help remembering a children's book

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So, there was this series of books I remember reading as a child. It was about this girl who got into situations which were made funny (to a child) because of her large sneezes. I'm trying to remember what they were, but can only remember vaguely the plot of two of the stories :/

Yes, this makes me useless.

But whatever! The first one I remember is essentially that she and her brother were being bought new trainers. She was told to keep them clean and tidy, which she never did, as opposed to her goody two shoes brother. After buying the shoes, the two went to the park and the girl got her trainers muddy. Just before their parents collected them, the girl sneezed and all the mud went flying from her shoes onto her brother's. Cue much hilarity.

The second story I remember is one about a roller skating race or something. Basically, the girl is rubbish but wants to beat her brother so finds some superglue and glues her shoes to the skates or something. The glue pot has dust on it and she sneezes, in such a way that she is propelled along and wins the race against her brother.


... yeah. The only other thing I remember is that the girl was prone to extremely long build ups, including what we'd consider talkies, which was presumably for comic effect. So, for example, she'd be talking about how she needed to beat her brother and go "I'm going to beat my brother this... ah... this... ahhh... this... ahhh-CHOOO!" or some similar dialogue.

Can anyone think what this might be?


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I am so sure there is a bell ringing somewhere in my mind, but I can't seem to recall the actual title.... oh shit, thanks a lot, now I won't be able to get any sleep, just muttering about this. :drool: I swear, if I come up with it, I'll send it to you within an instant!

Damnit... I KNOW this!!!! :D

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