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Classmates sneezing during English class!

Blessing Queen

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Hi,everyone!!I jus came back from my English class and I HAVE to share it with all of you!!! :typing: Sorry for any English mistakes!

My classmate(f) had a cold and had a incredible fit of 5 sneezes in a roll,3 unstifled and 2 stifled!!! :D

Almost one minute later,she sneezed again,stifled again,and a few seconds after she sneezed,my other classmate(m) sneezed a really sexy half-stifled sneeze! :drool::wub:

I was in Heaven!!

And in the middle of the class,my classmate(f) had another fit of 5 sneezes,4 stifled and 1 unstifled! Of course,I blessed both o then!

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