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Beautiful manboy sneezing (male)


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Right, so I dropped by at McDonald's today, just to get a milkshake. And then I saw him.

(I am a lesbian. A hardcore one. That's just for reminder.)

But this guy. Boy. Man. Whatever he was. Probably between 18 and 25. He was the most beautiful male being I have ever seen. Did you watch the first season of "Lost"? Well, he was Boone. With some beard, but not a scratchy beard either. And he had much more beautiful eyes. Huge, dark, dark blue, a somewhat androgyn man. He was just so beautiful. Even I, who don't care for men at all, would have loved to have him on a damn painting on the wall.

He obviously had a cold, as he kept sniffling, blowing his nose, clearing his throat, coughing some, and then he just snatched a bunch of napkins and sneezed:


Somewhat muffled, but not so much you'd expect from the fact that he kept his entire beautiful nose and mouth inside the napkins throughout the fit... He just sneezed three times, but they were awesome because... wow. This boy. Man. Whatever. Not often before have I felt the urge to let a MAN pull me close against his body, but I felt so with him. Wow.

ETA: It was a long time since I watched "Lost". His name's Boone, not Bones. But I was close. :D

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If you don't want him, I'll take him :drool:

I always find it even more exciting when an observation comes from a type of person I wouldn't normally find appealing. It feels extra special, like two prizes in one.

That spelling... That's one of my favourite sounds. :D

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If you don't want him, I'll take him :lol:

Wow, that sounds really quite awesome. Hmmm... gorgeous anrogynous man? :) Thank you lots for sharing. :blushing:

Reminds me of one session in a computer room where some gorgeous, probably rather allergy-ridden guy sat down across from me and well, started sneezing his head off. :blushing::unsure:

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Chanel, you really tripped my trigger with this one! Oh my gosh, I could actually really see it in my head, you wrote this so well! I know manboys aren't your thing, but thank you so much for getting so detailed in telling us all about it! RAWR! I want to take him home with me!! LOVE!! :)

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