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Work last night-Male


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Last night at work, my favorite boy toy was working across from my desk. And actually, we had a nice chance to talk in the breakroom before he started his shift while I was on lunch. He is such a cutie, with his blue eyes, shapely and perfect nose, and killer smile. Anyway, he was a bit sniffly all night long, but it wasn't until later in the evening, close to closing time, that I got to hear that amazing sound...

Ahem, I was ironically dusting my desk with a big ol' feather duster. Not that it had anything to do with his sneeze because he was too far away, it was just funny to me. :) I had my back turned to him when it happened. The thing with Jason's sneeze is, it's very heavy on the release. And normally, he's kind of loud. Also a few times he's exagerated them, which may have been for my benefit if I had to guess. He he he. So, I hear this really nice "Chuh" sound, and my head immediately snapped in his direction. I saw Jason's head turning back around from his left side, with his right hand near his nose, and he sniffled. We didn't make eye contact, and so I was only like, 99% sure it was him. Therefore, I didn't bless him or say anything, felt really nice about it, and we finished out the work evening without much conversation.

This morning, I checked my phone, and found a text message from him that came in sometime around 1 am. It read:

Hear me sneeze tonight? LOL

And the cool thing about his text message was that I got to re-live it all over again, and I'm all tingly inside because of it. :blushing:

Edited to add:

I texted Jason back and told him I had heard it, and asked him if he saw me turn my head to gawk. Later on last night I had a response from him that read:

lol Glad you liked the sneeze.

So, yeah, sometimes it's cool when friends know about this fetish. :blushing:

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I have always admired your ability to be so open with the fetish!! Look how many "perks" you seem to get!! I wish I wasn't such a whimp and had your courage!

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