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Classmate (Long time ago)


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This is from a long time ago AND my first obs :bleh:

Any way so this was a while back I was in school (I don't miss it one bit) it was boring English, History...blah...blah...blah...but my luck changed I was staring off into space when my friend caught my eye (Calling her L) a description is she's Italian, thin, long blond hair small nose. Today L wasn't looking well she was blowing her nose every few minutes and quiet coughs.

L is all the way across from the room but she got up and the tissues are right behind me where I sit, I said hi and turned I could see that she was pinching her nose let out a quiet "kkissh" I blessed her she took a hand full of tissues sneeze 3 times into the tissues like "kisshppff" muffled then before she went back to her seat into her should 5 times she into her arm "kkkeeeSHHOO!".

I was shocked, I caught up with her after class no more sneezes but in a very congested she said "Yeah...I'm not feeling well...gonna go home soon..." then she put her head on my shoulder playfully >:D

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