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best boyfriend ever?

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So my boyfriend M (pretty tall with brown floppy hair and pale green eyes and a GORGEOUS smile. He sorta looks like Sam Winchester from Supernatural (for those of you who understand that reference) but about 6' tall as opposed to 6'4'') is absolutely amazing. He came over to my place last night and indulged my love of sneezing without even knowing about it. >:D

So I am a pretty big romantic and one of my favorite things of all time is receiving flowers. My favorite type of flowers are lilies which, funny enough, my boyfriend's allergic to. He knows I love them so last night, when he came over around 7, he brought me a bouquet of lilies. When he got to my door, he was already sniffly and, when I realized why, I thought I was going to pass out from happiness. Naturally, I scolded him (even though I was smiling on the inside) for torturing himself with them. Anywoo, he came in, still sniffling, and a few minutes after he walked into my living room, he sneezed "Eshoo!" 7 times. I brought him the tissue box and got a sweet kiss for that. :bleh: My apartment's pretty small so I didn't really have anywhere to put the flowers that wouldn't be nearby so the poor boy was sniffling and sneezing ALL EVENING LONG. I think he had something like 10 sneezing fits while he was there and he was sniffling non stop. Finally, when he had to leave at around 10, I kissed him goodnight and told him he didn't need to bring me flowers again if they made him sneeze so badly (OH GOD, PLEASE LET HIM BRING ME FLOWERS AGAIN!!!!!), and he said it was totally worth it to see me smile...............*pass out*.


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Awww, that's so sweet. ^^ You do have a very wonderful boyfriend going by this. >:D

And that sounds like a really very awesome night. :bag: Thank you for sharing. :bleh:

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Wonderful ob! It's so cute that he brought you flowers that he's allergic to...We thank him for his generosity :)

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I would definitely say he's earned the honor of best boyfriend EVER! Woo hoo! Nothing like a guy who suffers from allergies bringing his girlfriend something he's allergic to! I'm telling ya, he's a keeper! :) And as always, thanks for sharing!

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Awwww :rolleyes: hoo, that is story material right there... Yes, best boyfriend ever. :) Thank you for sharing his loveliness with us :D

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-melts like Privatedancer-

XD I agree with the other comments. He's a keeper! XD

Your boyfriend is soo sweet.. maybe later..if you open up your fetish to him...XD

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this is adorable and he is definatly a keeper i mean he just wanted you to be happy deffo extra brownie points x

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