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Basketball court obs (M)


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I had a great obs while out for a walk yesterday. I was cutting through a park where there's a small basketball court. On the path, you pass by one of the net-ends, and behind that there's a water fountain. Normall it's just kids who play there, but today it was some older guys, i would guess mostly around 20. They were playing when the court came into view, except for one guy who was at the water fountain. Like most of the others he was African American, about 20. He was on the tall side and slim, with close-cut hair, a nice enough face but what I remember was his figure. He was wearing one of those sleeveless jerseys that expose the wearer's arms and some of the chest, both of which were nicely defined despite his slimness.

As I approached he was running water on his face, but I recognized the expression. After wrinkling his upper lip for a few watery seconds, he sneezed, more or less into the bowl of the water fountain (kind of gross, I know), a harsh but somewhat wet sort of "HuHESHH!" He stayed standing there. After a few seconds, the tremble in the upper lip came back, and there was another loud "HuheSHH!" I needed an excuse not to walk past him, so I discovered the need to time my shoe. I tried to keep an eye on him. After a painful wait, there was one more staggery "HuHeSHOOO!" After that he snorted loudly, spat, and stopped washing his face. He began taking a drink. I figure my good luck was over, and any possible shoe-related alibi was certainly spent, so I got up and kept going. And then, of course, about 8 seconds later, I hear a double "HEShh! HEschhhEH!" I don't dare turn around to see it. Nothing more reaches my optimistically slow-moving ears. What's even more tantalizing than those last two that got away is the thought that, since he was already over at the fountain trying to put breaks on the whole thing, there were probably a bunch of sneezes before i got there. Hell.

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GREAT OBS! I was just thinking he was probably having an allergy attack and trying to wash his face to stop sneezing! Too bad you missed them but I'm glad you saw the ones you did! Thanks for sharing!

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Ooooooh those sound nice. ^_^ I love trembling lips (or trembling anything) in a pre-sneeze face. Thanks for sharing.

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