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Ok so I know this is weird but I was just wondering if someone would write a sneeze fic on Professor Z. :) from Strange Days At Blake Holsey High? if anyone even knows that show. if not its cool just wondering. There's not many normal fics about him so I just thought I'd ask. and if no one wants to write a fic I was just wondering if anyone would read one, in case I decide to write my own.

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Man, I haven't watched that show in forever! Ever since Discovery Kids died and was re-incarnated as the Hub :wub: I'm not that good at writing, but you should totally go for it!! Some sneezy Prof. Z.....*sighs and remembers the episode 'Pheremones'*

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Oooh, I remember seeing the trailer years and years back but don't think I ever properly saw it, sounds awesome though. :wub: If I finish essay early I might look at it though I can't promise anything due to about 100 unfinished fics and lack of free time. :D

And to answer your question: yes, would love to read it if you decided to write your own. :laugh:

And just because I'm curious... did you have any sort of setting in mind? :drool:

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I loooove Strange Days. I remember the episode where Marshall caught that cold and then gave it to the school...*stares dreamily into space*

I would love to see a Prof. Z sneeze/cold/sick/whatever fic! I'd write it myself, but my writing is still... not where I'd like it to be, yet... But I would read it!

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