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Classmate is back! F


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How ironic I talked about L yesterday ( http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/in...showtopic=42265 ) and about 30 minutes ago I got a text if she could come over. Of course I said okay because she's my friend :D

So I see her walking on the side walk out my window she stops mid way I see her stifle a sneeze (couldn't hear) I wondered what was in store, I let her in, "Sorry...I forgot to take meds for my summer allergies..." L said quietly "I sneezed about twenty times just walking over here" :) inside I'm doing a little happy dance I tell her not worry.

So we watch a movie when I hear "kisshh! keshhoo! kisshh!" I blessed her she thanked me rubbing her nose then pinches it, "kshh!" suddenly I blurt out it's not good to stifle :rolleyes: why the hell did I just do that??

"I know" L says, "But my sneezes are too loud you wouldn't be able to hear the movie...sniff!" I told her I didn't care just right when she had her sneezy expression, "kkkEEEESHooooo!! kEEESHoo! ih...ih...shit..." the sneeze got stuck I was memorized by the sight of her twitching and her sneezy expression, "I-I...should go...ih...KKEEEESHHHOOOO!!!!!...." L almost fell over, "go...stop annoying you bye...."

What a sight...I think I see a lot more obs about L in the future :D

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Awww, poor girl. If only she knew how much you weren't annoyed by it. :lmfao::wub: Thanks for sharing. ;)

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