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Short conversation at dog grooming school


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Alright so i go to dog grooming school, and well of course no one is allergic to dogs but really sometimes the hair of certain dogs can really get up your nose so then that's when there is sneezing lol

ANYWAY, yesteday my instructor sneezed like she's one of those people that has that sudden unannouced sneeze that's loud and scares the crap out of you..it always scares me....and the dogs xD so anyway couple of the students proceded to say "bless you" and one of the students there (lets call him J), J said "Gesundhiet". Mind you he's well over 6ft tall, a really well built muscle body with his arms harder than a rock (how do i know? Well last week he's like punch my arm and i was afraid to do it really hard but i did and i almost broke my hand and he like laughed at me xD) and he's this good looking asian (chinese to be exact) guy so anyway he's like "one of my old teachers was german so he'd always say "gesundhiet". I don't even know how to say "god bless you" in chinese" I chuckled while another girl in the class was like "what kind of asian are you then?" and we laughed lol

I know this story kind of sucks but it's my first ob :lol: Yeah i was like in my glory after that lol

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Cute story!

After I read your obs I looked up how to say "bless you" in Chinese. (I know I'm a dork.) This is what I found:


Shang Di Bao You Ni

Meaning God is Blessing (protecting) you.

God can be pronounce as 神 (Shen) also

Bless can be pronounce as 祝福 (Zhu Fu) also.

Now you know! :shy:

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