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Two Quick Little Obs


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I have two little obs from yesterday that I wanted to share with you all. The sneezy conversation is what is what this obs is about!

Part 1:

I'm staying with my parents for the summer. My mom and I were cooking dinner last night and (Mexican, yum!) and I was in charge of the guacamole, which turned out to be kick ass by the way. As I was cutting the cilantro my nose began to tickle. Forgetting where I was, and that my mom was right next to me, I just turned to the side and sneezed into my shoulder. Just one, soft Heh IshhIeww.

Immediately following my mom said, "It's the cilantro, isn't it?"

I replied, increadibly embarressed after being snapped back into reality, "Um, I don't know ... maybe."

She then said, "It's gotta be. Cilantro always makes me sneeze. It must run in the family."

UGH!!! Stupid family sneeze conversations!

Part 2:

After dinner I went to my good friend J's house. It was a nice night and we decided to take a bottle of wine in her pool and just relax. Recently, I have been having a strange reaction to wine. I get very stuffed up, but not usually very sneezy. Just a few sneezes here and there. No fits or anything.

Anyway, I was in the pool and I started getting stuffed up. I said to J, "Ugh, I'm getting stuffy."

She said back, "How is that possible! My kitty isn't even around!" (Some of you may know I am highly allergic to cats)

I replied to her, "I've been getting stuffed up when I drink wine recently. I don't know why."

"That's strange," she said, but then we just moved on from the subject ... until about 20 minutes later when I sneezed a double, "Heh Ishoo, hih HEH ESHieeww, 'scuse me."

"Where's the cat!" She yelled (she was getting slightly intoxicated).

"I actually think it was from the wine," I replied, "Or even just a sneeze for no reason."

"Your probably right," she said. "If it was the cat you would have sneezed a million times by now. Bless you by the way."

I must have turned very red. Thank goodness it was dark. I just said thanks and changed the subject.

Hope you guys enjoyed! The sneezes weren't anything spectacular, it was just the sneezy conversation that I thought was noteworthy.

Edited to fix my spelling, grammar, etc. (I hope I got them all!)

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Aww, I'm sorry about the first part, hope it wasn't too embarrassing/awkward/otherwise uncomfortable.

*giggles at 2nd part* That sounds like a fun night. ^_^

Thank you for sharing. :wub:

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Sneezy conversations are always worth posting ^_^ Do you have the same reaction with white wine?

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Yum! The sneezes, I mean. I can't remember the British for cilantro, but I get the enchanting picture....

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Sneezy conversations are always worth posting :laugh2: Do you have the same reaction with white wine?

I do ... we were actually drinking white. It's definitely worse with red (more sneezing too!) but white does effect me as well.

Thanks for the replies everyone!!

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Very nice obs! Thanks for telling us about these. I've read quite a few times before on this forum, about wine (particularly red) making people sneeze... I find it rather cute! ;)

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Very cute observations both :). Hope what happened in the first part wasn't too embarrassing for you. I like the way you spell your sneezes as well :blushing:

Bless you and thanks for sharing :)

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