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Oh, jeez, so, in general, I am not a fan of loud sneezes. They're not all bad - some have great sounds, or great expressions accompanying them - but they kind of freak me out. I much, MUCH prefer cute, soft sneezes.

So anyway, today as I was crossing the street - and it was a red light, so I was checking for cars - I hear this humongous "HURRASHHHHH". I think I jumped. Well, in actuality, I probably just flinched a little, but my heart rate was going so, so fast. Loud noises petrify me in general (probably the source of my dislike for loud sneezes).

It was so loud, I don't think I even realized it was a sneeze at first. I sort of stared down the block, wondering if like, a car had hit something (it had that kind of non-voicey quality to it as well, which I also dislike). Then, I sort of calmed down and registered what it was, just as this youngish, fairly attractive (brown hair, baseball cap, no other particularly noticeable features) pauses *right* *next* *to* *me* and does another of the same sneezes, bending at the waist. This time I actually did jump (nearly tripped and everything). My expression must have been somewhat horrified, because the guy looked at me, shrugged apologetically and said "Whew." Well, that part, at least, was cute ^_^.

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aha the last part does indeed sound pleasant, so I'm glad you enjoyed at least a lil bit of it. ^_^

I'm with you - loud noises, eep! :wub:

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Holy crap i thought i was the only 1 that are terrified of loud sneezes O_O Thank you for letting me know that im not alone xD Yeah I resently just discovered that im REALLY into stifled sneezes :P I mean regular medium to soft toned sneezes are alright. but stifles...don't even get me started :P

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Oh man, really. There are limits, right? :drool: Too-loud sneezes really don't do it for me either. But, at least he was sort of a gentleman about it. :(

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I am not a loud sneeze type of person.

I dont like loud noises either so loud sneezes arent my thing.

But like you said- at least he was cute.

haha (:

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I love loud sneezes. They remind me of several friends I used to have who sneezed just like that. Also I like them because you never miss them, even if you dont see them you can always hear them loud and clear. Great obs!

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