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Very skilled work with a Handkerchief!

Ali Marie

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NOTE: Everyone will be referred to by their character names corresponding with Carnival!

While rehearsing last night I realized how much fun Improv can be! Lilli was running her usual scene with the puppets Carrot Top, Horrible Henry, Reynardo & Marguritte. In this scene Horrible Henry (Who is a Walrus) is crying because Reynardo calls him a Seal. Now, Lilli is supposed to say "Oh no, Henry! He didn't mean it!" & Carrot Top tells Lilli to sing the song Love Makes The World Go 'Round inorder to cheer him up. But, last night instead of saying her line the way it's been rehearsed Dozens of times before...she takes out her handkerchief & starts drying the puppets tears! It was totally improvised, but adorable! Our director thought so too! She liked it so much she kept it! Now, that's the way the scene will be done every night from now on! Awww!!! :(

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Thats cute, try and get her to make the puppet sneeze into the hanky that would be even better lol

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