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a story with a character named Mona or Roma or something like that? I remember reading this story on the old sneefetish.org site I think.If I remember correctly the title of the story was "The Model".

I remember there was a part in the story where she (Mona) was at work taking down notes for her boss when her allergies were acting up,and the whole time she was trying to fight off her sneeze,her boss was looking on in amazement.At that point he told her a friend of his was looking for a model (a sneeze model).

While she accepted the modeling gig,and was sneezing on camera, when after a while her allergies calmed down.She needed to start sneezing again to finish the shoot,so the phtographer/camera man walked over to her and offered her some snuff to get her sneezing again.She accepted the snuff and had a terrific sneezing attack.

Anyhow,if you recall this story please contact me.I would like to have this story,because it was one of the first stories I read that was fetish related and just because it was one of my favs. I will greatly appreciate this.



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I adored that story. I still think it's one of the best ever written, and I still find myself rereading it. Anyway, my copy doesn't list the author, so I can't properly give credit, but suffice to say, I didn't write it. If it isn't okay to repost like this, admins, feel free to delete.

the model

part 1

new york, c. 1948

Mona Mason rushed up the marble steps of the old office building and suddenly paused on the second floor landing. Absently, her left hand rose and she held both nostrils shut between a red-polished thumb and forefinger. This was only her second week temping for this modeling agency, and for the fourth time in row she was late. No one had mentioned it to her yet.

Mona had been vaguely aware of a tickle in her nose since she’d stepped outside that morning. It lingered, far back inside her left nostril, making her frown and sniff as she rode the bus to work. It was only April; could something have already grown and blossomed just for her nose? As she walked from the bus stop to the office, she decided that it must be the case. The tickle rose and fell teasingly, making her pause to rifle through her purse for a handkerchief, only to discover that she hadn’t brought one.

It flared up now, and she blinked at the sunlight streaming in through the high-arched stairwell windows. Dust floated visibly there, suspended in the bright rays of light. With one hand on the banister and the other still pinching her nose, her knees went weak and she finally gave in to it. Her lips formed a full, urgent, “HeyESHHooo!!” Her sneeze echoed on the floors above and when she opened her eyes, the dust danced and swirled.

Quickly she resumed her climb, the clacking of her heels now punctuated by her low, wet sniffles. She had an athletic build and wore a flannel suit that hugged the curves of her hips and her firm, plumlike breasts. Between the third and fourth floors the tickle returned, but this time she kept climbing, not bothering to hold back an even wetter “…heh…iiSSHhoo!!!” At least this morning she had a visible excuse for her lateness.

Mona’s mother had always had hayfever, a trait which she’d passed on to all three of her daughters. Mona thought she’d inherited her father’s invulnerability to pollen until one summer, when the girls were sent upstate to stay at an aunt's farmhouse. As soon as Mona had stepped off the train, she’d begun to sniffle and sneeze, much to the delight of her older sisters. Betty, the eldest, held a sort of magical reverence for sneezing which all three soon adopted. They talked about the quality of each other's sneezes, wished on every third one, or counted along with fits to see who sneezed the most in one episode. Mabel, the middle sister, had topped the chart, sneezing 79 times while she searched for a bracelet that had fallen off in the hayloft.

Six years later, as she climbed the steps to the office, Mona thought of that summer and noticed that her own sneezing seemed to intensify with each season. Now between the 6th and 7th floors, she gasped uncontrollably and succumbed to the tickle again.

“…tshchoo!!…uh…AAAHtsschoo!!!" she sneezed, feeling a little light-headed from the rush, "…oh…” She wondered if she might not beat Mabel’s record today.

On the 7th floor, Mona ducked into the washroom and locked herself inside one of the stalls. She gathered a handful of tissue and blew her nose furiously into it. Cautiously, she sniffed. The tickle returned almost immediately in the same spot, as if there were a tiny feather lodged up there, fluttering in the breeze of her breath.

In the privacy of the washroom, Mona decided she had to rid herself of the tickle or she’d never get to work. She breathed as naturally as she could, waiting for it to climax again. When it did, she held her right nostril closed with one finger and pursed her lips. Bending forward from the waist, she sneezed again, “mm-MMPHff!!” blasting it through her left nostril. Amidst the substantial droplets that flew out onto the tissue, Mona was fortunate enough to dislodge a microscopic grain of pollen.

Her body tingled all over. She sniffled wetly and felt the tickle had subsided. "…Ahhh." She sighed in relief.


"There you are!" exclaimed Marnie, who sat across from Mona in the tiny cubicles of the typing pool. Her tone softened when Mona came close enough to reveal watery eyes and a pinkened, tender nose. "Have you been crying?"

"No," Mona smiled despite her exhaustion. "I have hayfever."

"You poor thing. I have an aunt with allergies. If she gets near a cat, she can hardly breathe."

"Well, the pollen just makes me sneeze, mostly," Mona shrugged as she settled in behind her desk. "It's a little frustrating, but it's nothing dangerous."

Just then, the office manager hurried past with a clipboard. "Mona," he called out over his shoulder as he went, "Mr Randolph needs someone to take a letter. You're up."

Mona sighed and searched her desk for a small pad and a pencil, which she tucked behind one ear. "Wish me luck," she sniffed to her friend.

She moved quickly through a maze of little passageways and finally found herself in the hallway that led to Mr Randolph's office. The door stood just slightly ajar and Mona felt a soft breeze flowing through the long corridor.

Almost instantly, there arose an unsettling twinge deep in the back of Mona's nose. It seemed to be in the very center this time. She sniffed measuredly as she walked, determined to stave off any further sneezing fits for as long as possible. With the tips of her fingers, she rubbed her irritated nose in tiny circles, trying in vain to massage away the insistent sensation which was quickly developing into a tickle.

After composing herself, Mona knocked gently at the open door.

"Ah, good. You're here," replied Mr Randolph from inside. "Come in, come in."

Mona entered and closed the door behind her. Across the length of his spacious office, Mr Randolph beamed at her, huge and eager. "Sit down, my dear, sit down." He gestured to a chair behind the steno machine, which was perched just a few feet in front of his enormous oak desk.

Mona walked over to it, took her seat and placed her writing pad under the chair, as she wouldn't be needing it. When she sat up, she realized that she was facing a large, open window. A faint breeze rustled the drapes and she could hear birds chirping in the tiny park across the street.

Mr Randolph, who now faced Mona's right side, gave her a moment to ready herself before he began: “Take this letter to Mr Alan Zane, Director of Advertising, Van Cleefe & Arpels, address on file...”

Mona's fingers moved swiftly and efficiently over the black keys. She tried to focus every ounce of her attention on the job at hand, but by now there was a tiny storm brewing up in her nasal passages, stealing more and more of it away. Another breeze stirred the drapes and Mona's eyes itched and watered and her nose began to run.

"Mr Zane," he continued. "Enclosed are the preliminary proofs for the northeastern print campaign."

By now the roof of Mona’s mouth had begun to itch and her nose had suddenly become so stuffy that she couldn’t even sniffle to stave off the monstrous tickle.

"The specifics of the contractual obligation…" he droned. Then he looked up from his desk and paused at what he saw. As Mona's fingers typed away without hesitation, a strange transformation was coming over her face. Her lips were pursed tightly and the soft wings of her nostrils went white as they flared. At first he thought she was suppressing a yawn, then he noticed the tears welling up in her eyes.

He watched in mute fascination as the sneeze came over her. Her eyes closed, her full lips parted gently and he spied the tiniest tip of her tongue rising up to press against her palate. All the while, her fingers tapped out his letter at a steady pace. At last, “lllllshhooo!!” she sneezed, spraying quite explosively, then continued typing.

"God bless you, Miss Mason." Thinking it was over with, he recited some more of the letter, "…are outlined in the terms of agreement dated February 10th…"

No sooner had he begun to speak than the corners of her mouth quavered and turned down just slightly. He paused again, and “TSSSCHooo!!” Mona sneezed again, just as wetly.

“My goodness, Miss Mason. You seem to be catching a cold,” he said as he stood to offer her his own handkerchief. Never had Mr Randolph seen a woman sneeze with such abandon. She’d be perfect.

Mona rose and took a step towards him but before she could gratefully accept it, she sneezed again, “…huh…eh-ESSH-ooo!!” Her body doubled over to the side with this sneeze and her skirt pulled taut over the curves of her perfectly round bottom. Mr Randolph’s mouth hung open slightly as she plucked the handkerchief from his outstretched hand. She thanked him quickly and teetered on her heels as she muffled another sneeze inside the soft folds of it. Then she blew her nose and gestured tearily out the office window. “It’s the pollen, Mr Randolph. I…eh…I have hayfever."

"Ah, the pollen! Yes!" Mr Randolph smiled and grew suddenly animated. "…and this happens often?"

"Mostly in the mornings," she tried to explain, pausing to catch her sneezes in the handkerchief. "It…huh…starts around May… heh…iiiSSHHHaa!!!…uh!…and it goes until…until…uh…errrSSHHooo!!!…um!…excuse me…October…or so…" she sniffled.

"God bless you, Miss Mason. How perfectly awful," he beamed, looking not at all displeased with her condition. "Please have a seat." He gestured to a chair just in front of his desk and Mona sat on the edge of it.

"Let me be blunt, um...Mona." Mr Randolph began. "Would you entertain the notion of having your sneezes photographed?"


Next morning, Mona rose and showered quickly. She was nervous and elated about the day ahead. As she dressed, she thought how odd it was that they were going to pay her well to do something that came so naturally to her.

She sat in front of a little dresser to brush her hair, and here she felt the first effects of the morning pollen as it floated in through her little bedroom window. Mona had never really seen herself sneeze before, and now that she sat in front of a mirror she couldn't resist the curiosity. She watched as her upper lip drew down over her teeth and her nostrils rounded out quite dramatically. It wasn't the most flattering expression in the world, she thought, with a little trepidation for the day ahead.

Mona tried to watch the sneeze to its completion, but her eyelids fluttered shut at the moment of climax. "ppptTCHhoo!" it burst from her lips. It seemed to trigger another monstrous tickle almost immediately, "huh-ppPPFshoo!!" and again, "huh?...tTTSCHHaa!!!"

Impulsively, she put down the hairbrush and reached for a little bottle of nose drops in the top drawer. Yesterday she'd been sneezing so much that Marnie had insisted they take a trip to the pharmacy during their lunch break. Mona bought the drops that the chemist had recommended, and even though she ended up sneezing a lot of it out, it eventually did clear her nose and stop the relentless tickling. For a little while anyway.

Now, as she turned the bottle over in her hands, she felt another one build up so intensely that it seemed to rise from the walls of her abdomen. She sneezed again very wetly, "eh-IIIISSSHH!!"

Most of the spray from Mona's poor nose landed thickly on the bottle and against her wrists. "oooh!" she shivered. At least she seemed to have expelled the source of the irritation. She fished a clean handkerchief out of the drawer and wiped her hands and the bottle. Looking at the drops again, she decided against them. She didn't want to take the risk of ruining the photo shoot, so she put the bottle back into the drawer.

It promised to be a very wet and runny day already, so Mona packed three more handkerchiefs into her purse before she left the apartment.

Outside, she headed for the train that would take her to the studio. Another tickle besieged her almost as soon as she hit the open air. The sun shone brightly, the wind blew briskly and Mona sneezed all the way from her doorstep to the E station. Every 5 or 10 steps she'd have to slow her pace to wind up for a sneeze. Her head would tilt back involuntarily and then snap forward, almost propelling her body along with each paroxysm.

The man who sold Mona a paper every morning heard her sneezes from half a block away. He watched her as she approached his little stand, sneezing fitfully and using both hands to hold a wrinkled handkerchief over her nose and mouth.

"Good morn--eeSSHUH!!...ah..." Mona gasped wetly.

"Bless you," he said as he handed her the paper. "I could hear you coming today. That’s a heck of a cold."

"Oh, no..." Mona sniffled, passing him a nickel with a free hand, "...uh...eh-chAAH!!!...oh!...I have hayfever...it's just a little tickle."

"Sounds like a big one," he laughed. “Take it easy today.”

Mona laughed into the handkerchief this time. “Thanks,” she said, “you too.” Then she blew her nose with a soft, wet sound before continuing on to the station.

The tickle seemed to subside after that, and Mona made it to the station just as the train pulled in. Amid the packed car, she found a place to stand and took hold of a strap just before it pulled away.

Part 2


Part 2

As the car rocked and clattered along, Mona glanced sideways from her newspaper, getting a look at the people packed in on either side of her. An overweight mother and her young daughter, then a 40ish businessman earnestly engrossed in the paper he held. There was something attractive in his maturity, she thought, then a tickle took hold of her again. It was much further back in her nose than before and it seemed to clamor for even more attention. She didn't think pollen could make it all the way down here, but it suddenly felt as if she'd caught an itchy, tickling noseful of it.

Mona pursed her lips and sniffed sharply. She had no time to reach for a handkerchief in her purse. She couldn't let go of the strap either, afraid she'd loose her footing to the turbulent ride. She didn't want to sneeze on these unsuspecting people if she could possibly help it, and she didn't trust her ability to squelch it entirely. Panicked, she raised her paper in front of her face and finally "HHHHgnk!!" she sneezed, and when she opened her eyes she sighed, amazed that she had contained such a force.

But the tickle remained stubbornly and Mona's eyes were filling with tears. She could probably suppress her sneezes until the next stop, then she could get to her purse. Presently, she braced herself for another one.

"he...HH-GNK!!!!...oh..." She snuffled deeply, grateful to have held that one in as well, although the pressure of it seemed to have opened up every passage in her head. The train was almost into the next station when Mona's nose, still desperate to relieve itself, dripped onto her newspaper and resumed its relentless tickling. Mortified, she held the paper right up to her face and prayed no one was watching.

The train was starting to slow down, so Mona let go of the strap and opened her purse, still holding the paper high. A little drop of moisture clung to the tip of her nose, pitching with the movement of the car over the tracks, tickling her even more fiercely. "...eh...ehh..." she huffed helplessly. Finally, she fished out a handkerchief just in time to catch a monster "huhrrAASHH!!"

At that moment, the train stopped short with a jolt and Mona staggered sideways. She landed well against the poor man to her left, who put out a hand to steady her, almost falling over, himself. With his hand still resting on her shoulder, she pitched forward and sneezed again wetly, "huh-tsssch!!"

"Gesundheit, miss," the man said. When she looked up, he was beaming at her and she felt her face grow flushed and hot. He tipped his hat to her as the crowd jostled past them. "You really want to take care of that cold."

Mona nodded quickly, staring at him over the wrinkled layers of the handkerchief. "Thank you," she gulped, suddenly too shy and weary to correct him.

He went back to his paper after that and Mona's fit had mostly blown over, although the tickle did stay with her. She was on edge for the rest of the ride, but she made it to Columbus Circle six stops later with only two wet sneezes, which she caught neatly, and no more collisions.


Out on the avenue, Mona threw the newspaper in the trash, then dug around in her purse for the slip with the address and a fresh hankie. Her eyes and nose were itching like crazy. She wished she could sneeze again, now that she was outside. “Ah...huh....ahhh...?” she gasped as she walked along, her soft lips quivering quite frantically as the tickle drove her to the brink, but it never quite came. After each anti-climax, she would pause to blow her tender nose with a terrific honk, as if to express her frustration. Despite the persistent distraction, she was able to find the building with no trouble.

She opened the door into the small lobby. There was an elevator waiting there and Mona stepped on after a few other people. "Fourth floor, please," she asked the operator.

Now that she stood in the elevator, Mona was exasperated by a fresh and intense desire to sneeze. At least she had a hankie ready this time. She didn't even bother to unfold it, just held it up in a wad against her nose as she gave in to the need. "hhhp-chh!!"

The silence following was deafening. No one in the elevator said a word. Most people were too polite to even point out that she’d just sneezed, she thought, but Mona was a little surprised at the lack of response. She was always disappointed when she didn't get a blessing.

She sneezed again, almost insistently, "huhSSHooh!!" The elevator cruised upward in complete silence still.

From where she stood facing the doors, Mona imagined that the other passengers must be watching her now, and it was true. All eyes were on her as she reared up for another one, shoulders almost touching her ears. She caught this one too, but it flew out in a thick, wet splash that everyone must have heard, even through the cloth. Finally, from the back of the elevator a man's voice piped up, "Bless you."

Some other passengers followed suit, and satisfied, Mona murmured without turning, "Thank you."

At last the doors opened onto the fourth floor and she stepped out, sniffling and pausing to look at a list of suite numbers in the hallway. The elevator door slid shut behind her and someone said, "Are you looking for 406?" It was the same voice that had blessed her.

"Yes," Mona turned to look at its owner, a man who didn't look any older than herself, with dark eyes and an easy smile.

"I'm Dave, I work in the studio. Are you the talent?" he joked, brushing the tip of his nose with a finger.

"I...guess," Mona conceded between sniffles as they walked along. "I'm Mona."

"Pleased to meet you, Mona. And George'll sure be happy to see you," he added.

"Who's George?"

"He's the photographer. I set up the lights for him," Dave explained. "We've been shooting big fat guys all week. You'll be a sight for sore eyes."

"Oh..." Mona began, laughing. Then she paused, her eyelids fluttering, and sneezed again into the handkerchief. "huh...pPPFTcha!!...uh!..."

"God bless you," he said as they rounded the corner and came to the door of the studio. "Now don't sneeze yourself out before we even begin."

"I wouldn't worry about that," she sniffled. "I think the pollen count must be very high today."

"Good timing," he said as he held the door open for her. "Now I'm going to give you to Katherine. She'll touch up your makeup and hair while we finish setting up the shoot."

Dave walked her to an out-of-the-way corner, where Katherine sat, eyeing a soap opera magazine languidly. "Katherine, this is Mona. She's going to be our model today."

"Hello, Mona," she replied, looking up at them. Her voice had the remnants of a Spanish accent. She was in her late 20s, but she was pale and tall and moved with the elegant bearing of someone much older. She ran a hand over the seat of a chair just across from her. "You sit here and we'll get you ready. You have a cold?”

“No, it’s hayfever,” Mona said.

Katherine held Mona’s head in her hands, turning her face gently this way and that. Then she pointed to the handkerchief Mona held. "You want to blow your nose before we get started?"

"No, I think I'll be ok," she decided, putting the handkerchief back in her bag.

"This will be easy," Katherine remarked, picking up some loose powder with a soft brush. She ran it gently across Mona's forehead and down the sides of her nose. "You have even skin. Good features. And I like your hair the way it is. Very natural."

"Thanks," Mona said. She wasn't sure if it was the powder, but she felt another irritation building up deep in her nose.

“I only want to darken the lips a little,” Katherine assured her, stirring a tiny pan of color with an equally minuscule brush. “Relax your mouth.”

She did, and Katherine swept the brush across Mona’s upper lip in two single, opposite strokes. The ticklish feeling of the brush pushed Mona over the edge very unexpectedly.

"PPTschoo!!!" she sprayed her sneeze wetly onto Katherine's hand. "...oh! Excuse me..." she gasped, covering her mouth.

"It's ok," Katherine smiled, surprised by her own nonchalance. She absently ran her hand along the apron she wore over her dark dress. Then she used the tip of one finger to remove a smudge of color from Mona’s upper lip. "We’ll skip the eyeliner."

In about a minute, Katherine had finished and was leading Mona over to a chair in the center of the room. “Here she is,” she called to the photographer and his assistant.

“I’ll be over there if you need anything, sweetie,” Katherine touched Mona’s shoulder as she pointed to her corner.

“I could use a handkerchief, actually,” Mona sniffled. “I left mine in my bag and my nose is starting to act up again.”

“Well then, you don’t want to waste that feeling now,” Katherine reminded her. “Let’s wait and I’ll bring you one in between takes.”

“Oh—sure. I almost forgot.” Then she watched as Katherine took her seat across the room.

“Ok, Mona,” said the photographer. He sat to her left side, viewing her through the lens of an enormous camera. “We’re just about ready here. If you could sit forward just an inch or two...good. Now, we need you to sneeze as naturally as possible. Can you do that?”

“Sure,” said Mona, sniffing apprehensively.

“Good. Now don’t be nervous. We know it takes time for this to happen, but we can wait all day, if need be. That’s what we’re paid for.”

Dave walked to the far corner of the room, out of Mona’s range of view. She heard the sound of a window being opened, then the traffic from the street below, and it wasn’t long before her eyes began to itch and fill with tears.

Her nose ran and she sniffled deeply. The pollen was too much for her to withstand and her nostrils flared hugely. Just as a tear made its way down her cheek, Mona began to fill the air with thick, lusty sneezes. “...ah...ha-iSSH!!...eh...eh...ha-YESSSH!!!...oh!...”

“Beautiful! What a sneeze,” George lauded. “You’re a natural, Mona. Try to stay in frame now. Don’t move forward too much.”

“...ah...?” Mona squeaked and sneezed again, very wetly. “wooooSHHaa!!! As she opened her eyes and sniffed, she was vaguely aware of the rapid clacking of the camera shutter. Her nose dripped blatantly down the front of her dress and she swiped at it with a sleeve. “Oh! Excuse me...” she sniffled. “...eh...”

“That’s fine, dear,” the photographer assured her. “Katherine?”

In an instant, Katherine appeared from her corner with a box of tissues. She offered it up, but Mona’s attention was entirely consumed in the onset of another sneeze. “Wait...” she whispered between quick breaths, “I think...huh...I feel...anotheronecoming...” The camera rolled again and Katherine stepped out of the way to watch it unfold.

“...uhh...” Mona gasped. Her nostrils went round and wide as pennies in their preparation to expel the source of her torment. “...hehhh...” The corners of her mouth pulled down and the tip of her tongue rose involuntarily with each intake until, finally, “iiiiiTSSSHHa!!!!” Mona felt something fly out of her nose with this sneeze, and it felt so good that it sent shivers down her arms. Somehow these people made her feel completely relaxed about it.

“That was magnificent,” the photographer said, as if reading her mind. “At this rate we’ll be done before noon.” He sat back and beamed at her as Dave scrambled to reload the camera.

Katherine came forward again with the tissues and put one right in Mona’s hand. “Theng you,” Mona whispered, looking at her tearily over the top of it before she began to blow her nose.

“How’s it going now, Mona?” Dave called, stepping away from the camera. “Think you’re up for another round?”

Mona sniffled and took a brief inventory. Her eyes still watered and her nasal passages felt itchy and inflamed, but not quite enough to make her sneeze. “I don’t know,” she deliberated. “I’m sure that’s not the last of them, but...” she sniffed again, “no, I think it sort of peaked off for now.”

After half an hour, which Mona filled with many sniffles and a few false starts, Dave piped up again. “Sometimes we use a little snuff to get the subjects started,” he offered. “Do you want to try some?”

“Yes, please,” Mona said without hesitation. “I’d love to be able to sneeze. This is driving me nuts.”

Dave laughed and emerged from the behind the camera with a tin of snuff. He opened the lid and tapped some out onto the edge of Mona’s hand. She waited until Dave had taken his place near one of the lights. “Ok, why don’t you give it a shot?” he called.

Mona brought her hand up to her nose and regarded the tiny pile of snuff carefully. “I’ve never tried this before,” she remarked. Then she brought her nose down upon it, enveloped it in one eager nostril, and inhaled it in a single sharp sniff.

“Oh!” Mona exclaimed, pulling her hand away and sniffing fitfully again. “That did it!...huhh...here it cuhh...uh...heh?...HER-SHHOO!!” the cameras started up again as Mona began sneezing fiercely. “heesshOOO!!!!...ha!...ha...haa...hAAASCHOOO!!!...ah...”

Each sneeze erupted in a huge, wet cloud that could easily be seen with the naked eye. “...ahh...aaAHH-TSSHooo!!! TCHOO!!”

Mona paused to breathe for a moment, then suddenly reared back and ejected the cluster of snuff in one fell swoop.

“huh...ahhhh...ha-TSHaaCCH!!!” Wrapped in an enormous pearl of moisture, it flew out of her nose and landed about nine feet from where she sat.

“Wow,” exclaimed Dave, who carefully retrieved this second batch of spent film from the camera, “That snuff is dynamite, huh, Mona?”

“Uh-huh...” she gasped, still dazed by this last paroxysm. Katherine came back with the tissues and Mona pulled out two in a row. She buried her nose in them and kept her lips pursed tightly, sneezing a final, muffled sneeze straight through her nostrils.

“Bless you,” Katherine finally responded.

“Well, that does it,” said George. “We’ve got all we need. This was the easiest session we’ve had so far.”

“Thank you, Mona” Dave added as he slipped the film into a developing canister. “You really were a pleasure to work with.”


Later, as she waited for the elevator, Mona heard the studio door open and the sound of footsteps padding along the carpeted hallway.

“You almost forgot your purse.” It was Katherine, now wearing her coat and smiling at her warmly. She handed it over to Mona.

“Thank you so much. I don’t know where my mind is today.” She accepted it gratefully. “Are you finished for the day?”

“For a while,” Katherine said as the elevator opened and they stepped on. “We have a very long break. I was going home to eat lunch. I don’t suppose you’d like to join me? It’s just around the corner.”

“I’d love to,” said Mona.


Katherine’s apartment was on the ground floor of a spacious brownstone. They sat in the kitchen where she opened a bottle of white wine, then took some things out of the fridge and arranged them on a tray.

“This is a beautiful place,” Mona commented, sniffly from the walk over, and sipped from the glass Katherine handed her.

“It belongs to my aunt.” Katherine explained. “She’s staying with my father in Argentina right now and but we live here together. I’ll show you around if you like,” she shrugged as she unwrapped a wedge of Camembert, “There’s a garden in the back.”

“Really?” Mona mused, chewing on a piece of bread. “I’d love to see it. My mom kept a beautiful garden. My sisters and I used to play in it all the time.”

“You were close?” Katherine ventured, biting into a pear.

“As close as...” and here Mona paused to let a sudden tickle transform her features into a mask of pure anticipation.

Katherine’s eyes followed Mona’s face from the intense furrow in her brow, to the deep view into her yawning nostrils, to the tiny crumb of bread that lingered, momentarily forgotten, on her quivering lower lip. With the wine glass splashing in one hand, Mona turned her head to sneeze twice convulsively, “huh...eh-ESHH!!! ...huh-ii-iSSH!!..snf! Excuse me...”

Katherine emptied her glass and began pouring another.

“Oh...I’ve been waiting for those since we got here.” Mona sniffed breathlessly.

“You make it look very pleasurable.” Katherine remarked without looking up.

“It is.” Mona said. “It feels wonderful. I love to sneeze.”

Katherine said nothing at first, leveling her gaze to meet Mona’s while she sipped from her glass. Then she said, “It looks beautiful on you. You wear such an expression of ecstasy. It radiates out of you.”

Mona smiled at her hostess with a hint of uncertainty, then leaned into the table towards her. “Can we see the garden?”


Katherine pushed the heavy door outward and the women stepped out onto the stone path in their stocking feet. They carried the glasses and the bottle with them, and giggled nervously as they regarded each other in the glow of the bright sunlight. It was a short walk to a wooden bench in the shade of a giant tree, where they sat facing one another expectantly. Within moments, Mona began to sniffle.

Katherine watched her closely. “You have such a pretty nose, Mona.”

“Oh, but...ehh...zZTCHoo!!” she sneezed, spraying the air between them, “heh...uh-ERRSSSHooo!!!”

“Bless you,” Katherine purred. She reached out and took one of Mona’s hands in hers.

“Thank you...” Mona sniffled, returning her stare, then pouring herself some more wine. “I was thinking that about yours--snf!--It’s so strong and defined. Mine has no character at all.”

“It’s adorable,” Katherine was emphatic. “It looks just like Elizabeth Taylor’s.”

“Are those lilacs?” Mona pointed to a patch a few feet away. Before Katherine could reply, Mona had left the bench and was kneeling in the grass, next to the flowers. “They’re gorgeous.”

“I think so too,” Katherine agreed, bemused.

“They smell so sweet,” Mona went on, then leaned into the patch until her nose touched one of the purple blossoms. She inhaled deeply and sat straight up, hands resting casually in her lap as she succumbed to the tickle. “They...ah...ahh? iiiiiiiSSH!...eSSSH!!!...snf!...Mmmmm...” she smiled up at Katherine, “They make me sneeze.”

Katherine said nothing but smiled back. She was trying to figure out who this girl was, who seemed to know exactly what to do. It was driving her wild. But she was still afraid to assume too much.

“Come sit with me,” Mona settled there, drawing her knees up under her chin. She sniffled and rubbed her nose, watching Katherine as she rose and joined her on the grass.

They sat shoulder to shoulder, Mona pressed languidly against Katherine’s arm. This time she took Katherine’s hand. “The scent is so overpowering,” she gasped. “I’m going to sneeze again.”

Katherine turned to watch Mona’s nostrils flare out roundly as she sprayed three juicy sneezes into the air, straight ahead of them.

“ha-ishoo!...heISH!!..eh...ehSCH!!...sssnf!...” She squeezed Katherine’s hand gently with each.

“Bless you, darling,” Katherine whispered, then she reached out to stroke Mona’s hair with her fingertips. “It funny that you had a garden, when you have hayfever like this.”

“Snnff!...m!...I developed it much later on,” Mona explained, suddenly stretching back onto the grass and curling around so that her head rested on Katherine’s thigh. “But I remember my older sisters...ssnff!...were always sneezing, and of course my mother had it the worst. She loved it, though.”

Katherine looked down at her for a moment then resumed stroking her hair, now and then letting a finger stray across Mona’s forehead, down the length of her nose and back again. “The sneezing?” she asked absently.

“No...snf!...the garden,” Mona giggled, then sat up halfway to sip from her glass. She rested her head back down in Katherine’s lap, grateful when Katherine began to play with her hair again. “But my sisters loved sneezing...snff!...So did I.”

“Did you like to watch other people, too?”

“I still do,” Mona beamed up at her. She continued to sniffle and then said, “My nose is getting so stuffed up. I can barely smell the flowers anymore.”

Katherine smirked at her. “There are probably a thousand things out here to make you sneeze.”

“I know but it’s the perfume that pushes me...ssnff!...over the edge,” Mona insisted, teasingly.

Without hesitating, Katherine reached over and plucked one of the blossoming, purple clusters out by its stem. Very slowly, she brought it under Mona’s nose, tickling it gently with the tips of the petals.

Mona obliged by inhaling slowly and deeply as she could. “...sssssnf!...ah...” her face assumed such a passionate expression that Katherine immediately pulled the flower away and waited.

“ ...ahh...?” Mona remained frozen until a light wind began to stir the branches high above them, then her head snapped up and she sneezed furiously. “ktcheh!...ktcheh!...ktcheh!...ktcheh!!!!...ehhh-ETSSCH!!” This last one exploded in a cloud, taking with it a sizable ribbon of snot which landed in the grass far in front of her.

“oooh...snf!” Mona sighed, lying back with her mouth just slightly open. “That felt so good.”

“Bless you,” Katherine whispered. Unable to resist any longer, she leaned in to plant a soft kiss on Mona’s lower lip, still moist with the spray.

Mona returned the kiss, brief and dreamlike as it was. She sat up to face Katherine, then said, “I’d love to hear yours.”

Katherine demurred sweetly. “That’s not so easy. I can’t just make them come.”

“snf!...I bet I could make you sneeze...” Mona suggested coyly, “if you’d...ssnf!!...huh...pPPFTcha!!...mm...if you’d let me.”

Katherine gave in immediately. “All right.”

Mona reached down and carefully selected a blade of the lush grass, then pulled it out of the ground. All was silent except for a few birds and her frequent sniffles. She twirled the grass between thumb and forefinger and tried to regard Katherine seriously, but she couldn’t hide her delight.

“It’s going to feel wonderful,” Mona promised. Leaning in close, she slowly began to trace the blade of grass along the graceful outlines of Katherine’s aquiline nose.

Katherine stared off as if trying to concentrate, frowning slightly. She sniffed once, and the rims of her nostrils flexed into delicate angles, then relaxed. After tracing her nose for a minute or two, Mona suddenly changed course and inserted the very tip of the soft green blade into one of Katherine’s exquisite nostrils, fluttering it rapidly.

“HUHHHH...!” Katherine sat back and drew air in a breathy baritone, her eyebrows raised in surprise at both the immediacy of the onset and the success of Mona’s simple effort. Her eyes rolled up and she held her hands out as if she were about to stop short in a car. An almost pained expression came over her face, then, “kssh! kssh!!”

“oooh...” Mona sighed, surprised by how precious they were.

She was about tease Katherine for being so demure about it, but Katherine had suddenly jumped to her feet and was rubbing her nose vigorously. Finally she shook her head and took a step back, mouth gaping and an ineffective finger pressed against her flaring nostrils. “Huhhhhh...kssh!! ksssh!!...ah!...what did you do?” she exclaimed, flustered but laughing.

“Bless you,” Mona stood to get closer to Katherine, who was now waving a hand frantically under her nose, as if trying to fan the sensation away. She paused, lowered both hands into tight fists and sneezed again, “kssha!! ksssh!!”

Tears had pooled up in her eyes and threatened to spill over until she swiped at them with her wrist. With Mona so close and no further to retreat without trampling on the flowers, Katherine turned her back, winding up helplessly for another pair.

Mona wrapped her arms around Katherine’s waist and held her from behind, feeling her body vibrate as the sneezes flew from it. “huhh...kissh!! ksssshaa!” Katherine seemed to go limp with this one, and Mona kissed the back of her neck in delight.

“Mmmm...eight in a row...and so cute,” Mona sighed. “That was easier than I thought it would be.”

“Ah! How can you say that? I’m dying,” Katherine sniffed, blotting at her eyes with the corner of a sleeve.

Mona couldn’t help laughing at the melodrama of it, but took her hand and led her carefully back to the bench. Here Katherine took a box of wooden matches and a cigarette out of her pocket and began to smoke, still sniffing in short fits.

“They always come in doubles like that?” Mona coaxed.

“Yes, but usually not so many at once,” she conceded, swallowing hard. “What a spell you gave me. It made me dizzy.”

“Me too,” Mona simpered, “and it’s not just the wine.” Then her tone changed. “But you look so distracted.” She reached out for the cigarette, took a drag and handed it back. “You didn’t like it.”

“Not nearly as much as you did,” Katherine joked.

“Oh,” Mona’s heart sank. “I feel bad that I insisted upon it. I can’t enjoy something if it makes you feel awful.”

Mona looked so crestfallen that Katherine was immediately contrite. “That doesn’t mean I couldn’t learn to like it,” she said. “I’ve never had the impetus before.” And here she ran two fingers along Mona’s chin, sliding them under and tilting Mona’s face up meet to hers. “Now I know someone who appreciates them the way I do.”

She leaned in and kissed Mona’s smooth cheek, and in doing so, confirmed exactly what Mona had hoped--that this would be the beginning of a very interesting friendship.

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Heven,thank you so very much for posting the story.It's been so long since I've read it. I have asked so many people about this story and nobody had a clue what I was talking about,or I would e-mail someone thinking they would know,but never bothered to get back to me....anyways,I wanted to say thanks again 100x's.I have been looking for that story for so long,and thanks to this forum,I got it back.


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Ooooh, that was LOVELY!!! I like it when people actually talk about the snot and the spray.

Although I don't have a noseblowing or snot fetish, it is a nice touch! It makes me want to get more graphic in my writing. Heheheheh!



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I don't think I have ever read those before. Thank you so much for putting them onto the forum heven...wondeful stories :)

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