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Hey guys! So after all the feedback from my last story I got around to writing this. Darren comes down with a cold right hen he and Chris are supposed to tape the kiss scene in Original Song. Ryan doesn't seem to care, and Darren's miserable.



Darren sniffled in his trailer. He had just gotten back from doing a concert the night before, impromtu in New York. He had felt a little tired when he had gone to sleep, worn down from all the traveling. As he woke up the next morning, getting on a plane to fly back out to California, his throat became sore, he was building a headache, and he could barely breathe. Shit. Ryan and Ian were not going to be happy about this.

Sitting on the couch in his small trailer, he grabbed a tissue, holding it to his flaring pink nostrils, his eyes watering at the prolonged tickle.

"H'SHCGNXT'Chuuuh!! Huptchschhh! Heh....Hushpmhhh!" he groaned, blowing his nose thickly into the white cloth held to his irratated nose.

Wracking his brain for a moment, the thought came into Darren's head. He was supposed to do the kiss scene with Chris today. Off all day's to be sick. Ofcourse mother nature would make him sick for the first time in 2 years on th day he had a hot kiss with his crush on screen. He stood up when he heard someone knock on the metal door.

"Coming." He said, clearing his voice. Darren walked over and opened it, revealing a bright eyed, smiling Chris.

"Hey Dare. Ready for today?!" he asked happily, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Darren nodded mutely, except for the wet sniffle from his twitching nostrils. Chris looked at him for the first time that morning and immediatly his stomach dropped for the older boy. He just looked so....miserable. His hair was unkempt, he looked pale, though his nose was becoming a bright shade of red.

"Dare....?" Chris asked, getting cut off by Darren's hand, his pointer finger up, signifying for Chris to hold on for a moment.

"'Scuhhhh.....'scuse be..." he mumbled, inhaling a breath as his nose twitched and flared under his tissue, his nose running freely as he pushed the ittue harder onto the base of his nose. "H'ETCH'Uhh....h'nxxxxgt!!!....hehhhh......hitshcuuuuh...." he sneezed 3 disgustingly wet sounding sneezes.

"Dare...you're sick..." Chris mumbled, knowing that Darren would probably tell Ryan he was too sick to shoot the scene today.

Darren looked up, still wiping his nose. "Doh, I'b fide, I jusdt deed to take sobe medicide." he said stuffily, shivering lightly. His throat was killing him.

"No, you should be in bed resting. You sound awful." Chris mothered, smirking lightly as Darren scrubbed at his nose, grabbing another tissue.

"Doh! I'b fihhhh......fih.....fiddddde....H'gnxsght!....Hitrishcghh! Hirtgshch!!!" He let out into the now soggy tissue.

Chris looked at Darren, his bitch face on. "You're as sick as I am straight Darren." he joked, but said it sternly.

"Fuddy Chris, you shoud be a cobediad." he croaked out, drinking some of his water bottle. He was about to tell Chris how he needed to grab his medicine now when he heard Ryan outside of the door.

"10 minutes till you guys need to be in places!" he yelled, knowing they could hear him.

"Fuck, I soud like a fugig freag." Darren shifted uncomfortably, knowing full well he would be pushing through this as much as he could.


R&R Thank's guys! <3

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This was great, I'd love more. One thing, though: did you mean for Chris to say "You're as FINE as I am straight"? Because... that's kind of not what it says.

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This was great, I'd love more. One thing, though: did you mean for Chris to say "You're as FINE as I am straight"? Because... that's kind of not what it says.

Oh my gosh! Yes, haha, whoops! Thank you for pointing that out xD

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Aww, I like <3

I'm not all that familar with Glee,

but I really like your story :P

Thanks for writing!

Oh, and your spellings are really hot :cry:

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This is really cute! I'm so looking forward to more! poor Darren! :) it's sad that he's sick but still....... :):lol: Thanks so much for writing this!

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Thank you guys so much! Ah! And I'm going to start a drabble thread type of thing, so if any of you have suggestions/requests feel free to throw 'em at me. :hug:


"Alright Darren, we need you to turn into the camera more." Ryan directed, watching as Darren slowly complied. He had noticed that Darren had been tired looking all morning, the makeup artists giving him more time than usual. He let his mind go back to the scene, watching as he yelled 'Action!'.

Darren walked in, watching Chris decorate Pavoratti's casket. He didn't realise he had missed his cue till he heard Ryan yelling something. He looked up, a dazed, pre-sneeze expression on his face. His eyes were watering, his nose twitching furiously. He brought a hand up, pinching his sensitive pink nostrils, his mouth open slightly. Turning away from Chris, Darren stiflied the sneezes as quitly as he could.

"He'ngx'tt! He'tchhh'uh....H'umphh'uhh....h'tishhchhh'ehh!" They sounded wet, and helpless. The more he stifled the more irratated his nose became. He stopped, his head dizzy from the buildup. Looking up groggily at Ryan he gave a small smile.

"'Scuse be." he muttered, sniffling, the thickness in his voice and head becoming unbearable.

"I'b goig to ged a tissude." Darren walked off, leaving Chirs to think about how much it hurt to watch Darren so sick. Boy was he in love with the curly haired actor.

Darren came back a few minutes later, not saying a word until they called action. He had gotten all the way up to "There you are" when he felt his nose start to itch again. He ignored it, leaning in and grabbing Chris's cheek. As they kissed, their tongues colliding, he felt the itch become unbearable. It was teasing him, going away, then coming back at full force. He pulled away, barely managing not to sneeze on Chris's face. He snapped his head down, pulling the shirt under his blazer up over his mouth and nose.

"HeKutchuhh! Hitshhuhh!...Chrihhhh....Chris...can I ehhh....have a ti..tihhh...tis'SCH'uhh...tissue?" he begged, the tickle not going away at all. He sniffled, his delicious pink nose running rampant.

Chris quickly grabbed a tissue from Ryan's outstretched hand, his eyes growing wide at Darren's sick stature. His slicked back hair was becoming undone, his nose a bright pink. He eyes were squinted, watering.

Darren took thr tissue gratefully. "It tihh...tickgles so buch.....ehh...." he let the tips of his fingers pinch his stuffy nostrils shut, taking in a hitched, itckly breath.

"H'GNXSHT'uhhh! HE'PTSCHHH'uhh! Fuh...fuhhhh...Sh'PTSCH'uhh....fucg..." Darren didn't open his eyes yet. He could feel the sneeze teasing the inside of his nose, the tickle to much to handle.

"Eh'Kutschhh!...Huh...huhhhh...Hu'PITCH'ughhh....Hi'IYSHHH'uhhh...H'ENGXSCH'chuhh..." he rubbed his eyes wearily, finally opening them to see a concerned cast staring back at him.

"Dare, I think it's time to get you to bed." Chris suggested, getting up and putting a hand on the small of his back. Darren just nodded, the now soaking tissue still crinkled up against his twitchy pink nose. Ryan nodded, giving Chris the permission to take the older boy back to his trailer for some much needed rest.

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Do you think maybe at some point you could throw Chris getting sick too since they kissed? Love this fic! <3

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