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A Fourth of July barbecue in the park! (f)

Ali Marie

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NOTE: For identity sake, everyone shall be reffered to by their character names corresponding with Carnival!

Today being the 4th of July, our director though it would be a nice idea to get off rehearsal kinda early tonight & have a Barbecue. After all; we wouldn't want to be the only people within a 5 mile raduis that doesn't have their grill going! :lol: So, we headed over to a park around 6:30 & the Boys played some Football before Dinner. After it got dark, we watched fireworks from across the pond. I took a nap on the picnic blanket, I was resting my head on Lilli's lap & I was almost asleep until I felt Lilli pull her handkerchief from her pocket. "IIISSSHHHEEEWWW!!!" She sneezed & caused my head to slightly slip from her lap. "Bless you." I mumbled as I repositioned myself. "Thank you," Lilli responded, "I didn't mean to wake you, go back to sleep." It was such a nice evening! ;)

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