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I almost told my best friend


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Sorry if I'm putting this is the wrong place because there aren't actually any sneezes here. 

So. Literally like ten minutes ago, I came thisclose to telling my best friend about the fetish. 

We were being... Well. Curious teenagers and looking up things we probably shouldn't. Not like THAT. 

I was just telling her about how some people have this thing called a fetish and we were looking up some weird ones. And let me tell you, there are some WEIRD ones. 

None of the lists had sneezing fetish on there though which I found strange. I just came so close to telling her though, thinking that maybe she wouldn't find it strange after hearing all of these. I've just never told anyone before and I was so worried that she'd freak out about me actually feeling that way about something. She was telling me how she doesn't understand how, and I quote, "something that's not like... I don't know, a penis can turn someone on you know?"

I don't know what to do! D:

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I know exactly how you feel, I have come VERY close to telling my freinds too, to the point I told them i had a secret and was geared up to tell it but it wouldn't come out. I understand the need to tell 'em :laugh:

All I can say is that it'll happen when and if it happens. These things take time and require you to be absolutely comfortable with whats going on. Plus, I'm sure that if you explained to your freind more about fetishes she'd understand more, but probably not quite understand as fully as you or I.

Also, we don't have a very high 'freak out' percentage here :( people generally tend to take these things in their stride. Hang in there

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