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lisping sneezes?


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Any of you guys read the webcomic Homestuck? I do. And over the weekend this doodle of the troll Sollux Captor came out of my pencil and then got colored. The lineart, coloring, and effects were all pretty experimental efforts so if they look weird that's why, heh.


I imagine him sounding something like, "hhh'KHETHHshue!" but any and all alternative interpretations are welcome.

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I was actually just thinking what it would be like if Sollux sneezed, considering his lisp and all, I always thought it would sound like 'Heh'PTTFHHch!' or something, I dunno, I'm not a good speller xD;;; I was thinking of drawing Gamzee, Equius or Karkat some time in the future. >:) But really, I'm happy theres someone on here who likes homestuck besides me xD

Sollux <3~ Hurr~

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WOOHOO FIRST HOMESTUCK SNEEZE~! B) I love Homestuck too, and I am honestly surprised it hasn't taken over this forum like it has everywhere else, pff.

Hey, don't worry about the drawing style. Y'know why? CUZ IT'S AWESOME. *u*

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WOAH! This is really good! The style is really interesting - I kind of want to put on 3D glasses and see if it pops out (wouldn't that be lovely? :laugh:).

I've never heard of Homestuck before... clicking on the link now to explore because I'm intrigued.

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Man, Homestuck is TEH WRRD. :cry: But this looks good! Really artsy. I like the unusual colouring.

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I know very little about Homestuck, but I can't seem to stop coming back in here and looking at this over and over again. Not only do I love characters with horns, but the style you used here is just so visually interesting! It's has a very pop art feel to it. Reminds me a bit of some of Andy Warhol's portraits. In short, I love it!

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Oh, Homestuck. :wub: It's EVERYWHERE. x'D I attempted to read it,and got bored, but now my friends are begging me to stick with it. So we'll see where that goes.

Anywho. This is gorgeous!! I love his expression and your style. It looks more like a piece of art to me than a doodle :) Absolutley awesome~~

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