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More from my Bffl chelsea

Sabrina May

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If you read my last obs, they were mostly about my friends Chelsea and Alila. Both have allergies. Soo, today Chelsea and I drove up to my moms summer house on this lake (We are here right now, and we have been here for a few hours. Chelsea is sleeping right now so I can post this). She is out of town for the week and Chelsea and I are staying here to take care of the dogs and the cat. Since I didn't include a description of Chelsea in my last obs, I'll give you one now. Oh and when I basically copied the obs in a comment on my first obs, ignore that. Okay, so for the description; Chelsea is very tall. She is 5' 11". She gets spray tans a lot, so she is usually a very bronzey tan. She has dark wavy brown hair that goes about 2" past her shoulders. Her eyes are a warm brown, very welcoming. She has a perfect body, and long thick eyelashes. Her nose upturns a little but not to much its noticeable. So let me get to the obs. So when we were driving up there I explained to her that my mom was paying us $20 each a day to keep things in order around the house for a week. Chelsea asked me, "What exactly are we going to do?" Then she is caught offgaurd and she sneezes an "eshieeew...shiew!" Next we arrived there. My parents female dog, Trisha, ran up to us and jumped on top of Chelsea. Being a little allergic to dogs, Chelsea sneezed a rapid "esheieew!" into her elbow then continued to pet the dog. The next obs I have is from when we were going over the list of chores. This was about 40 minutes after we arrived. The list said that we should mow the lawn ASAP. Chelsea volunteered to do it, so I showed her the shed where lawnmower is kept. When I opened the door to the dusty room Chelsea rubbed her nose in an uncertain way. I asked her if she was okay, and she said she thought it was a little allergy attack. But things got worse for he and better for me. The cat, Olive came inside to get food. I fed her, and then she settled down for a nap where Chelsea was watching TV. Chelsea didn't mind, she would just sneeze a little "ehshiew" every couple minutes or just blow her nose. But then I got really excited when Olive stood up a few minutes later, and her tail brushed under Chelseas irritated nose. Chelsea grabbed a tissue rubbed her nose to stop the sneezing. It worked for like 20 seconds but then she failed because she let out a breathy desperate "ehhh...eh...ehsheww, aschoo, eshiieew!" "oh dear god, it never ends!" she moaned. Chelsea went to the nearest bathroom and I could hear her blow her nose and sneeze a couple more times. She came out of the room with red watery eyes and a pink nose. Well I have one more obs for today. And it is awesome!!! So Chelsea went out to mow the lawn tonight and i secretly watched from the window. She was fine for a few minutes but soon she was stopping to sneeze quads. Eventually I saw her sit down and wipe her eyes. She got up andwent bak to work again. I saw her sneeze 19 more times. Eventually she came back inside and said she couldn't take the sneezing. That she needed to get some rest and get all this pollen grass and dander out of her nose.


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Lord, she sounds like an ideal girlfriend. :laugh: I'm not even into female sneezing and that obs turned me on! Thanks for sharing!

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Very niiice~~ <3

Ah, this Chelsea sounds the complete opposite of me...,

I'm 4' 11", blonde hair, green eyes, no allergies, really pale... ;.;

Bless you, other Chelsea!

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